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  • Fictional Reality

    We’ve been given permission by the publisher (Mark Theurer to host an archive of the awesome Fictional Reality.

    We’ll be adding the files as quickly as we can.

      Issue 00 - Fictional Reality - June 2000 (2.6 MiB, 3,532 hits)

    Plowsheares to Swords: Firstborn Peasant Militia <br>
    A Dark and Night: A Warzone Battle Report<br>
    Painting your miniatures – starting out<br>
    Night of the Legionnaires: A Warzone Scenario<br>
    Ganymede: Imperial Wolfbane Forces of War<br>
    Chronopia Campaign Conversions<br>
    Game Review: A review VOID, the new game from I-Kore<br>
    Miniature Review: New figs for VOID from I-Kore<br>
    Village Defense: A Chronopia

      Issue 01 - Fictional Reality - September 2000 (3.8 MiB, 3,235 hits)

    Tactical Manual: Crystal Elf tactics in Chronopia
    Game Review: Confrontation
    The Slave Pit: Dark Axe Standard Bearer Conversion for Chronopia
    Battle Report: VOID - Viridian versus Koralon
    Game Review: Carnage
    Terraforming in Miniature: Trench Warfare!
    Ganymede: Imperial Victorian Forces of War
    Miniature Review: VOID: Tactical Androsynths
    Chronopia Campaign Conversions

      Issue 02 - Fictional Reality - December 2000 (4.9 MiB, 3,937 hits)

    Chronopia Army: The Nefertem
    Battle Report: Mecha!
    The Slave Pit: Dwarf Standards
    Battle Report: Confrontation
    Terraforming in Miniature: The Sea Wall
    VOID Fiction: When all else fails
    Miniatures Review: Armorcast
    Chronopia Conversion: Dwarf Dark Tusk Standard
    Game Review: Skullbrawl
    Game Review: Krash

      Issue 03 - Fictional Reality - March 2001 (5.6 MiB, 2,723 hits)

    Miniature Reviews
      Carnage – Benny and the Orb
      Assassin – Hack the Barbarian
      Fading Suns – Known Worlders
      VOID – VASA Knights & Major Kali
    Larry Leadhead
    Battle Report - Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarves vs. Empire
    Fiction: VOID
    Game Reviews
      Close Action
      Cry H.A.V.I.C.
    Slave Pit: Chronopia – Dwarf Wolf Totem
    Battle Report - Confrontation: Griffons vs. Barbarians vs. Goblins

      Issue 04 - Fictional Reality - June 2001 (4.9 MiB, 3,143 hits)

    Battle Report: Confrontation Devout vs. House Helios Elves
    Game Reviews
      Noble Armada
    Larry Leadhead
    New Unit: The T.A.V. for Warhammer 40K
    Standing Orders
    Fiction: VOID
    Miniature Reviews
      Jeff Valent Studios
      Wizards of the Coast
      Cry HAVIC
      eM-4 Miniatures
    Tactical Manual: Gobelins in Confrontation

      Issue 05 - Fictional Reality - September 2001 (6.2 MiB, 3,094 hits)

    Miniature Reviews
      Reaper Miniatures – Conjunctivius
      Wizard’s of the Coast – Beholder
      Steve Jackson Games – Paneuro Set 2
      Excelsior – Swamp Goblins
      eM4 Miniatures – Street Gang
      eM4 Miniatures – Aliens
      Mithril – Lord of the Rings figures
      Mage Knight Metal – Golems
      I-Kore – VASA Bikes
    Larry Leadhead
    Battle Report – Confrontation: Living Dead versus Lions
    Battle Report – Inquisitor: Hell Comes to Mutie Scum-Town
    Game Reviews
      LMW Works - G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.
      Steve Jackson Games - Deluxe Ogre
    Fiction: VOID
    Standing Orders: Battle Cry

      Issue 06 - Fictional Reality - December 2001 (5.4 MiB, 2,924 hits)

    Battle Report: Warzone – Saving Private Miller: Capitol vs. Imperial
    D&D 3E Classes
      The Alchemist
      The Surgeon
    Miniature Reviews
      Wizards of the Coast
      Four-Color Figures
      Steve Jackson Games
    I-Kore Press Release
    Larry Leadhead
    Black and White and Painted all Over
    Standing Orders – Katana & The Road to Osaka
    Battle Report: Inquisitor Imperial Payback
    Game/Product Reviews
      Deluxe G.E.V.
      Nightmares & Dreams
      Heart of Nightfang Spire
      Super System
    Free Stuff
    WOTC D20 Open Game License