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  • Terrain Tiles

    Terrain Tiles for use on the Play Maps of MKD Outdoors

      MKDO_T_RoadsTrails.pdf (543.3 KiB, 4,593 hits)
    Ibson's great trails to go with MKD Outdoors! All the Mage Knight Dungeons Outdoors has 1.5" grids.

      MKDO_T_NtoOs.pdf (220.4 KiB, 3,452 hits)
    Ibson's river tiles for MKD Outdoors! Print and mount on your favorite material, foamboard, mat board or just lay them over a map.

      MKDO_Terrain_TtoU_01.pdf (278.1 KiB, 3,509 hits)
    Terrain Tiles for MKD Outdoors: Tiles T to U.

      MKDO_Terrain_RtoS_01.pdf (356.4 KiB, 3,391 hits)
    Ibson's Shallow and deep ponds/lakes for Mage Knight Dungeons Outdoors! 4 page pdf

      MKDO_Terrain_LtoM_01.pdf (781.1 KiB, 3,385 hits)
    More of Ibson's river tiles 8 pages of shallow and deep river/stream tiles

      MKDO_Terrain_AtoK_01.pdf (1.9 MiB, 3,898 hits)
    Terrain Tiles for MKD Outdoors: Tiles A to K.

      1.5_Tiles_1.pdf (2.5 MiB, 4,112 hits)
    6 pages of good tiles for MKD outdoors. Tiled 1.5" 4x4 and 2x4 Includes Grass and road tiles.

      MKD_Outdoor_1.5_Tiles_set_2.pdf (1.1 MiB, 3,559 hits)
    A few straight and a bend. I will add more river pieces in the future.

      MKD_Outdoor_1.5_Tiles_set_3.pdf (1.2 MiB, 3,694 hits)
    2 page pdf with 4x4 grass tiles that match those of my river and road tiles. Its suggested that you mount any of my 4x4 tiles and 2x4 grass tiles on foam board or mat board and the 2x4 road and river tiles on heavy card only to lay over the 4x4 tiles.