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    Play Maps for MKD Outdoors

      The_Elbion_tales_-_The_raided_village.pdf (2.6 MiB, 4,501 hits)
    The Elbion Tales: The Raided Village is a scenario created by Khamsin. Map created by Highland Piper Map is grided to 1.5" The map goes left to right, top to bottom so place pages 1-3 together. Then underneath that pages 4-6 and so on. I recommend using cardstock and mounting it on matboard. or you can just tape them together. Print off two pages from page 14 and 15 for the roofs. Trim with exacto or scissors (please be careful) and mount on mat board then place them over the appropriate buildings. (3.8 MiB, 3,058 hits)
    36"x48" map that included four starting positions. The map itself is the same as "MKDO_Town_4x3_grid_00" except with the addition of the Starting Positions for Mage Knight. It is still grided with 1.5" squares. Created by: IbsontheGrey (3.8 MiB, 3,180 hits)
    Measuring at 36"x48" this town map gives you plenty of room to place your buildings! Created by: IbsontheGrey (2.2 MiB, 2,730 hits)
    27"x36" 1.5" grid map for use with Mage Knight Dungeons Outdoors. A combination dirt and grass mat perfectly suited for use as a town. Created by: IbsontheGrey (2.1 MiB, 3,080 hits)
    A nice dirt and grass mat for placing houses on for your MKD Outdoors Town. Measures 27"x36" Created by: IbsontheGrey

      Hex Geomorph Sketches (154.4 KiB, 2,382 hits)
    Use these blank map tiles to design your Hexagonal Geomorphs for overland maps, dungeons or urban settings!

      Hex Geomorph SVG (315.5 KiB, 1,967 hits)
    Made by Kuroshima from the Steve Jackson Games Forums.

      Full Size Blank Hex Geomorphs (228.9 KiB, 2,198 hits)
    Blank Hex Geomorphs