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  • Campaign Cartographer July 2011 Annual

    Posted on July 16th, 2011 Highland_Piper No comments

    Profantasy The Cartographer’s Annual 2011 July issue is a paper diorama of mines.

    July ’11

    The July issue of the Annual 2010 a customizable mine diorama that you can print and assemble as you need. Created with Dioramas Pro, it also shows off many of that add-ons features without the need of actually owning it!

    Mine Cart

    The style contains 14 A4/Letter pages of Dioroma goodness. Ech of these can be customized on its own, and together they allow you to build almost any mine layout. The accompanying mapping guide gives hints and tips for customization and assembly.

    The map pack Mine Diorama includes

    1 new drawing style
    2 new template wizards (Imperial and metric units)
    2 new symbols
    8 bitmap fills
    32 new drawing tools
    1 new effect setting
    15 pages of example diorama parts
    15 pages of blank diorama parts
    1 4-page mapping guide

    You must own Campaign Cartographer 3 and a subscription to the 2011 annual to use them.  I’m hoping that this will mean an upcoming Dioramas 3.

    I’ve been pushing for an update for Dioramas and Character Artist (for paper figures) for months now.

  • Free RPG Day is THIS SATURDAY!

    Posted on June 14th, 2011 Rob No comments

    Dungeon Crawl Classics

    Visit your local participating game store on Saturday, June 18 to pick up your Free RPG Day goodies! Goodman Games is offering the DCC RPG Adventure Starter, which contains a brief introduction to the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game AND two adventures! This module includes a level 0-1 adventure for kick-starting your campaign, and a level 5 adventure to sample higher-level play. Visit www.freeRPGday.com to find a participating retailer today!

    If you’re playing DCC RPG on Free RPG Day, be sure to download the DCC RPG beta rules and participate in our open playtest!

    And even if you’re not sure whether you’ll play DCC RPG at your local game store, you can be ready for a pickup game by downloading our DCC RPG Quick Start Rules.

    See you on Free RPG Day!

  • Last chance to score a 2003-2010 Archive DVD!

    Posted on February 18th, 2011 Highland_Piper No comments

    There are only five or six left and they will not be restocked!

    This is your last chance to own the entire Ebbles Miniatures line from 2003-2010 for one low price!

    Our entire catalog, spanning the years from 2003 to 2010, archived on a DVD-ROM. Over 2.5 gigabytes of paper models–get over $400 worth of models for only $49.99!

    This item ships worldwide. Shipping included in price.

    Includes the following models

    2003: MQ-3A Murphy UGCV, Type 18 Mobile Gun Platform, PzKpfR-62 Wiking Battlesuit, M11 4×4 MPUV, M9 Beauregard 6×6 IFV, M8A3 Kirchner MBT, Derelict Classic

    2004: Derelict II Mega-Set, Firebase Maginot

    2005: Attack Floater, Patrol Floater, Medium Transport Floater, Utility Floater, Runabout Floater, C4 Sentinel, C6 Cassowary UGCV, T/A-133 Gyrfalcon, UD-41 Dropship, Command Drone, Attack Remotes

    2006: Alien Bug Set I, XM709 Hercules Battlesuit, Invader Flying Saucer, SdKpfM III Jotun

    2007: Chaparral Recon Bike, Jackrabbit Buggy, T/A-160 Shrike (1:100), Shoilem Marauder (1:100), Battlesuit Marines, Goliath Bugs, The Shahad Ziggurat, Field Camp, Frontier Farmstead, Hab Dome Variations, Robot Repair Team, Utility Shuttle, Itoyo 950 Utility Robot, Kogura Handyman 350, Landing Platform, Barracks Props, Workshop Props, Cryostasis Systems, Storeroom Props

    2008: Battlesuit Marines (Camo), T/A-160 Shrike (1:60 Scale), Shoilem Marauder (1:60 Scale), VG-11 Hummingbird, Otomeca Sandmaster V, Doomball Mark I, Guncrawl 1st Edition

    2009: VU-22 Percheron, Dassault Marchand Crotale IV, Terrain Mats I, Modular Hills, Utility Shuttle (2009), Ares Meteor ODV, Ares Vulcan plus several upgrade sets

    2010: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large Folding Unit Structure Systems, M722 Light Expeditionary Vehicle, UD-41 Dropship (2010), Convoy (15mm/28mm)

    Forum Exclusives: Several reskins of the VU-22 Percheron, M722 LEV, and Crotale IV

  • Instantmold

    Posted on January 30th, 2011 Rob No comments

    This stuff looks cool:



    I’ll have to order some to try out.

  • World Works Games releases – The Garden

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 Highland_Piper No comments

    The Garden

    An elaborate underground garden lit by softly glowing light coming from glowing crystals in the ceiling twenty feet above. Gravel walkways wind between, cracked granite benches and surround a cobblestone fountain filled with crystal-clear water. To the south, a gently flowing creek runs across a pebbly streambed that passes through a rock garden and into an iron grill drain along a passageway to the south. To the north, a lone almond tree stands in alcove, while to the west, a double arch leads to a small circular room. Four sandstone sculptures chiseled into the forms of huge angry faces stand throughout the room”

    – Excerpt from Pathfinder Adventure Path #20: “House of the Beast”

    This Pathfinder compatible terrain setting is ideal for ornamental garden locations of all shapes and sizes. From backyard, to royal grounds, to subterranean cavern of wonders! The Garden is completely TerrainlinX compatible and can be freely mixed and matched with all other TerrainlinX terrain settings. Build your garden complex to any required configuration or height, remove or add floors/walls on-the-fly and store everything flat when finished!

    The Garden includes all of the following:


    • 3 Granite benches
    • Cobblestone fountains
    • Wooden bridge
    • Almond tree
    • 3 Stone Speaker sandstone heads
    • 1”, 1.5” and 3” wide stair sections


    • Grass, Gravel, Raised garden bed transitions & Water feature tiles in zero-grid, 1”-grid & 1.5”-grid formats
    • Grass: 1- 6”X3”, 2- 3”X3” & 2- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
    • Gravel: 1- 6”X3”, 2- 3”X3” & 2- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
    • Raised bed transitions: 3- 6”X3”, 4- 3”X3” & 1- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
    • Water features: 5- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)


    • 15- 3” arch walls (with and without openings)
    • 4- 3” straight walls
    • 2- 6” straight walls
    • 6- 6” arched walls (includes waterfall)
    • 9- Short angle arched walls
    • 4- Long angle arched walls


    • 6- 3” walls with upper cave trim (includes 2 arch openings)
    • 8- 6” walls with upper cave trim
    • 4- Long angle walls with upper cave trim
    • 3- Short angle walls with upper cave trim


    • Regular posts
    • Angular posts
    • 2-story posts low (angular posts included)
    • 2-story posts high (angular posts included)


    • All files automated cutter friendly for those with CraftRobo or Silhouette SD craft cutters.

    $11.95 USD

  • WizKids Announces the re-launch of the Mage Knight ™

    Posted on October 21st, 2010 Rob No comments

    NECA/WizKids Announces the re-launch of the Mage Knight ™ Property

    (WizKids to release Mage Knight Board Game by Vlaada Chvátil)

    HILLSIDE, NJ – October 21, 2010 NECA/WizKids, the leader in collectible gaming, is proud to announce the re-launch of the Mage Knight property.  In 2000, Mage Knight defined miniatures gaming by combining a rich back-story, detailed pre-painted miniatures and revolutionary game play.  Mage Knight will honor that spirit of innovation within the property by expanding it across several platforms.

    The initial Mage Knight offering for release will be a board game designed by Vlaada Chvátil, designer of the acclaimed games: Dungeon Lords, Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker.

    “For me, Mage Knights combine the greatest fantasy archetypes – honor and wisdom, strength and magic.  I want to bring to life a Mage Knight as an individual who steers the wheels of history and gives birth to legends. My hope is to capture that essence in a new and engaging way for fantasy fans around the world” says Chvátil.

    WizKids President Lax Chandra says “Mage Knight launched our company and created a new industry CMG of gaming. Ten years later, we have come full circle. We have wanted to work with Vlaada for a long time and we are thrilled with his vision to make this a new experience while still carrying forward the world that so many people fell in love with.”

    In addition to the first boxed set, WizKids/NECA plans several brand extensions set in the Mage Knight universe, including a new take on deck building games and role-playing games.

    About WizKids/NECA:

    A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. NECA, WizKids/NECA is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. The HeroClix brand is the most successful collectible miniatures games on the market today, with over 250 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. For additional information, visit www.wizkidsgames.com.©2010 NECA/WizKids LLC. All rights reserved. Mage Knight, the Mage Knight Logo, HeroClix, and WizKids are trademark of NECA/WizKids LLC.

    via WizKids Announces the re-launch of the Mage Knight ™ Property : Wizkids/NECA, Inc.


    Posted on October 20th, 2010 Highland_Piper No comments

    Record monsoon rains caused flooding that left almost 2,000 people dead and 20 million homeless. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani estimates crop losses at $3.3 billion, total damage of about $7 billion. People displaced by the flooding that began at the end of July are still living in temporary shelters, such as schools, or in tents. Doctors Without Borders continues to provide medical care, clean water, and relief materials.

    Following the success of our previous fundraisers for DWB during the Haiti Earthquake Reponse we have decided to put together a new charity effort to raise funds for relief efforts in Pakistan. Several publishers have donated some very cool items to help us raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. The bundle will be available until 10:00 AM EST, Monday, October 25th.

    Donate $25.00 and receive over $700 in RPG titles

    Donate $10.00 and receive over $100 in comics titles from our sister site, DriveThruComics.com

    These are some amazing deals, and all of the proceeds from your purchase of the bundles will be donated to DWB for Pakistan aid. Thanks to all the publishers and creators who have donated their creative works to these bundles!

    Click here for more information

  • World Works Games: Lightning Gun

    Posted on September 29th, 2010 Highland_Piper No comments

    Steampunk fans rejoice! Finally an affordable and attractive solution to your Steampunk weaponry needs has arrived. Need a gun for your next convention? Costume party? Halloween? Secret Steampunk society gathering? We’ve got you covered!

    WorldWorksGames has partnered with New York Times best selling authors Tracy & Laura Hickman (DragonLance, Death Gate and Ravenloft adventure settings), to bring you an exciting new line of gaming products. The Lightning Gun takes inspiration from the upcoming The Lakota Dragons War game setting and book series. This unique re-imagining of the struggle for the American West, pits the technologically superior Airships and Ornithopers of the U.S. Air Cavalry against the dragon-riding native Lakota Warriors.

    Pricepoint: $10.00

    The Lightning Gun includes all of the following:

    * Lightning Gun backstory
    * Fully illustrated instructions
    * Graphic templates
    * Certificate of ownership
    * Wall mount with optional feet
    * Complete GSD compatibility (for automated craft cutters).

    Download our FREE backstory and instruction manual for the Lightning Gun & The Lakota Dragon Wars for a preview right now: http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/products/ldw/gun.zip

  • Ebbles Miniatures: Convoy

    Posted on September 17th, 2010 Highland_Piper No comments

    Simple and quick-building convoy set. Includes 4 different truck types in 4 different color schemes. Available in 1:100 and 1:60 scale for use with 15mm and 28mm sized figures.

    This model is also machine-cuttable.

    Colors include: Helo, Tan, Grey and White

    Truck Types: Closed Loaded Bed, Open Loaded Bed, Fuel Servicing Truck, and Water Tanker

    Price: $6.00

    Available in two scales 1:60 and 1:100

    Ebbles Miniatures latest release, Convoy, is a wonderful addition for war gamers and role players alike.  These will add new elements and strategies to your games!

  • Codename: Titan -$9.95

    Posted on September 15th, 2010 Highland_Piper No comments

    Codename: TITAN!

    In space, they can hear you play…

    Codename Titan marks WorldWorksGames first sci-fi installment in the TerrainlinX lineup. This first component-zone focuses on essential corridor infrastructure and general building or starship construction. Perfect for representing both interior and exterior sci-fi structures of any footprint or height. Our TerrainlinX build system, with its ability to store flat, add & remove elements on-the-fly, dynamically mix and match elements from other terrain sets, create easy “lift-off” levels, and complete “Robo-cutter” compatibility, makes Codename Titan one of the most flexible sci-fi terrain systems on the market today!

    And this is just the beginning! Future installments in the Titan line will seamlessly integrate additional component-zones to cover all your classic sci-fi infrastructure needs.

    Codename: TITAN contains all of the following:

    • 1 Floor 6″x6″ 1 Inch
    • 1 Floor 6″x6″ 1.5 Inch
    • 1 Floor 6″x6″ Blank
    • 2 Hallways 3″x6″ 1 Inch
    • 2 Hallways 3″x6″ 1.5 Inch
    • 1 Hallways 3″x6″ Blank
    • 6 Small Floors 3″x3″ 1 Inch
    • 1 Small Floors 3″x3″ 1.5 Inch
    • 1 Small Floors 3″x3″ Blank
    • 3 3″ Generic Walls in double-interior format
    • 1 3″ Generic Wall in interior/exterior format
    • 2 3″ Doors in double-interior format
    • 1 3″ Door in interior/exterior format
    • 2 6″ Generic Walls in double-interior format
    • 1 6″ Generic Wall in interior/exterior format
    • 1 6″ Door Wall in double-interior format
    • 1 6″ Door Wall in interior/exterior format
    • 1 6″ Window Wall in double-interior format
    • 1 6″ Window Wall in interior/exterior format
    • 1 Small Angle Wall in double-interior format
    • 1 Large Angle Wall in interior/exterior format
    • 6 Posts
    • Stairs in 1″, 1.5″ and 3″ wide versions
    • 2 9″ Balconies
    • 3 6″ Balconies
    • Balcony Supports
    • 6 3″ Railings
    • 3 6″ Railings
    • And as always, fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions