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  • Pirates of the Frozen North Promotion

    Posted on January 29th, 2007 hamster_boy No comments

    Shiver your timbers! The next exciting Pirates expansion, Pirates of the Frozen North releases this Valentine’s day, February 14th! To celebrate this exciting expansion, WizKids is offering you the chance to receive an exclusive Pirates Nordic Raider Pack!

    The Nordic Raider Pack includes 1 Ice Breaker ship called the Polaris, 1 two masted long boat called the Serpant’s Fang, and 1 unique treasure card called Odin’s Revenge.

    To receive this exclusive pack, find these four lost articles found on common treasure cards inside Pirates of the Frozen North Game Packs:
    – Axe
    – Helmet
    – Shield
    – Spear

    Mail the four lost articles in along with 4 Pirates of the Frozen North Game Pack wrappers and the completed promotion coupon to WizKids. We will send you the exclusive Nordic Raider Pack! The coupon will be available for download at soon!

    Pirates of the Frozen North invites you to navigate past perilous icebergs, captain fantastical longboats, and dominate wintry seas with frost-bearded Vikings. Bundle up and set sail with the Pirates of the Frozen North constructible strategy game!

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