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  • Pirates of the South China Seas

    Posted on December 8th, 2005 hamster_boy No comments

    Take Your Booty to the Far East!

    by Tere Carral

    WizKids, creator of hit games such as Pirates of the Spanish Main, HeroClix, Mage Knight, and MechWarrior, announced the launch of the next Pirates expansion: Pirates of the South China Seas.

    Western powers are sailing the valuable waters of the South China Seas, and the Jade Rebellion opposes their imperialism!

    As with all other Pirates expansions, Pirates of the South China Seas can be played as a standalone expansion or as a part of the growing Pirates line. Game Packs contain everything o­ne person needs to set sail, including two ships, an island/terrain card, treasure and crew, complete rules, and a die.

    All of the previous factions are back in Pirates of the South China Seas, and o­ne new faction is introduced: the Jade Rebellion. This new faction employs two new ship designs‚ junks and the sturdy Korean turtle ships, although the West has also captured some of these ships. As in real life, the turtle ships are very resilient: It takes more than o­ne hit to eliminate o­ne of their masts! Also, back by popular demand, the generic Pirate faction returns, strengthening its ranks with new crew and sturdy ships.

    Some of the characters featured in this set include Ms. Cheng, former wife of the famous pirate warlord Ching Yi, who died in battle with imperial forces; she’s risen to the head of the pirate confederation. Ms. Cheng and her closest ally, Chang Pao, have defeated every Chinese expedition sent to crush the confederation. Other new Pirate characters include The Headhunter, who captains the Blackheart (formerly HMS Conrad but renamed in honor of the famous Spanish Main pirate). Pirate favorite Calico Cat also appears in the set, brandishing renewed strength, abilities, and need for revenge.

    Piracy and politics in the South China Seas frequently combined to produce powerful pirate empires strong enough to influence the rise and fall of imperial dynasties. But in this game, history can be rewritten and anything can happen!

    Pirates of the South China Seas sets sail February 2006.


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