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  • Battle Summary: Lions vs Goblins

    Posted on September 9th, 2004 Rob No comments

    My buddy Steve and my Cousin Chris have shown a lot of interest in learning how to play Confrontation recently. I invited them to my LGS on Saturday, August 28th to teach them how to play. Unfortunately, only my Cousin showed up on Saturday. Steve had got in a car accident the night before. He bruised his ribs but other than that he's ok. But obviously he was in no shape to play Confrontation at Millennium.

    So I taught my Cousin Chris to play using a 100pts.

    He played my Lions of Alahan.

    2 Archers of Icquor
    3 Guards with Picks
    1 Kelt Centaur Ally

    6 figs total

    I played the same goblin list as last time, minus the Marauder because that was Carters.

    The field was divided in half with a long hedgerow that blended into a small forest. I hid my 2 sailors and Baron Samedi in the forest and lined up all the rest of my troops behind the hedgerow. Chris put his Centaur on the far side of the field, on a hill that overlooked the woods and the far end of the hedgerow. He put one of his Archers on top of a granite column. The rest of his troops were on open ground waiting for the goblin swarm to come rushing from behind the bushes.

    I introduced the approach phase and the appropriate rules. Then the movement phase and all of the rules for that part of play. I continued to explain the game in this way, taking it in small segments, one at a time. I think this method worked really well for Chris, who had never even had a chance to read the rule booklet yet. It took us roughly three and a half hours to play four rounds of combat! But he clearly understood each aspect of play and was able to come up with some good strategies.

    Needless to say, my Goblin Pirates were smoked once again in combat. I didn't keep my Ball & Chains close enough together, allowing Chris Guards to individually charge each one. I brought my Gas Blower up into the thick of things and started blowing smoke into combat in an attempt to shift the battles in my favor. That's when Chris Centaur charged down from his hill, and ran along the side of the long hedgerow straight into my Gas Blower. The Monkey-Marksman and his Sailor escort couldn't make their way through the forest fast enough to get behind the Centaur and save the Gas Blower. So instead I had a wonderful chance to teach Chris about the pursuit movement rule.

    A few shots from the Archer on a pedestal served to wrap things up. One of my Ball & Chains managed to come back as reinforcements and charge the Archer on foot, but his triumphant return was short lived. (That Centaur's 40 cm charge radius is ridiculous!!!)

    Congratulations to Chris for playing such a good game and picking up the Confrontation tactics so quickly. This kid is a natural.

    He decided to come back next Saturday to get himself some Griffins to play with. I helped him put together a small army: a pack of Fusiliers, Regular Templars, Spearmen and a pack of Thallions. That gave him a solid 200 AP war band with the option of swapping out a 3rd Spearman for a 3rd Fusilier or vice versa. His purchase came out to exactly $51 dollars. Not too shabby.

    * Hey all you Warhammer fans! Can you get a basic 40K army up and running for only Fifty Bucks? Didn't think so. Give in to the temptation. Come over to the Dark Side and play Confrontation! *

    Anyhow, I'm excited to see how Chris will do with his new little fighting force of Griffins. Good luck man!

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