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  • Battle Summary: Orcs vs Goblins

    Posted on September 8th, 2004 Rob No comments

    Here's another Confrontation battle summary. The fight took place on Wednesday, August 25th at Millennium Games here in Rochester, NY. My opponent was Carter Brent, as usual.

    To quickly summarize the evening…

    I bought the Goblin Pirates box set at the Millennium Garage Sale a few weeks back. I had based about 100AP of Gobs, including a Gas-Blower and 3 Ball & Chains that I had picked up as well that afternoon. We played a 100AP King of the Hill scenario: Goblins VS Orcs.

    Here's Carter's list if I recall correctly.

    1 Jackal Warrior
    2 Orc Crossbowmen
    3 Orc Warriors

    6 figs total

    And mine.

    Baron Samedi (a monkey with a pistol!)
    2 Sailors
    2 Gunners
    1 Goblin Diver
    1 Gas Blower
    3 Ball & Chains
    1 Marauder

    10 figs total

    Since I was used to my Archers of Alahan, it was a shock when I realized how crummy the Gunners and Samedis range was. The KOTH rule is that a unit can not be deployed within charging distance of the main hill. I put one of my Gunners on another nearby hill with the intention of firing at my enemies from a distance. Too bad their long distance range is only 20cm!

    I spent the rest of the game running my gunners forward to get close enough for a decent shot. I also goofed up with Baron Samedi and ran forward to shoot in the first round, forgetting that a unit can only walk and shoot in the same round. That put the poor little Chimp within easy charging distance of Carters Jackal Warrior and his enormous war-maul. *YIPE!*

    The Baron was at least able to counter-fire at the charging Jackal and give him a light wound before the vicious brute crushed his skull like a grape with double 5s.

    I had read about the Gas Blower / Ball & Chain combo on the English Confrontation forums many times before. I gave it a try this game and was very impressed. War-Fury + Frenzy Gas gives my Ball & Chains 3 attack dice, and forces my opponent to attack instead of defend. Since Orcs have pretty crummy Initiative, I was getting to strike first most of the time. With no dice in defense it was simple to land attacks on the Orcs. Wounding the Orcs before they wounded me made it harder for them to effectively strike back. I managed to kill the Jackal in this manner, which was a huge headache for Carter.

    I was occupying the hill for most of the game with little contention. Most of the fighting was happening at the foot of the hill. I made a mistake and moved some of my troops on the hill out from behind the protection of a cottage and into a position that allowed the Orc Warriors to charge… They tore through my sailors like a five year old opening his birthday presents. The game ended pretty quickly after that.

    Orcs and Goblins are a blast to play with. If anyone is thinking of getting into Confrontation I highly recommend either of these armies. The Orcs are brutal and their magic cannot be countered. Their tactics might take some time to finesse, but you'll have a blast while learning the ropes. Goblins are just plain fun! Lots of odd and interesting abilities are available to the Goblin player. They come in like a tide and just keep coming. Just compare my 10 units to Carters 6 and you'll get an idea. Not only that, but if I had successfully rolled a 5 or 6 at the end of a round one of my dead Goblins would have returned to the battle as reinforcements! Too bad I was using my Pink Dice for this game.

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