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  • Confrontation: Learing to Play

    Posted on January 8th, 2004 Rob No comments

    These are some ideas that I've been tossing around in my head and I'm throwing them out to the board in general now to see if there's an interest. I guess o­ne of the nice things is that were all still relatively new at this so were all in it together….In my mind there are a few levels to Confrontation, which interestingly enough correspond to the different rule books…

    Level 0: Demo

    1. Run by someone comfortable with the game.
    2. 100pts following all rules for Level 1 below.
    3. 3 Turn limit (after that, start a level 1 game with borrowed models if need be.)

    Level 1: Beginner Confrontation

    1. No Incantation, Incarnation, or Divination stuff.
    2. Simple deployment: I pick a spot, you pick a spot, and just arrange your stuff as you see fit. No shuffling of the cards to see what order things are deployed.
    3. 100pts Max (following the normal 1/2 most expensive or 18pts over whichever is less.)
    4. Id like to see the rules for characters ignored at this level as well. I.E. no counter attacks or dropping stats for die in combat
    5. Id also like to see a minimum model count for each force of three. I realize most people have something that can more or less stand alone at 100pts, but if youve only got one model, you aren't really learning to play…

    Level 2: Confrontation

    1. No Incantation, Incarnation or Divination (You are allowed to bring Mage/Priest models, they just cant have any spells or magic items that require gems.)
    2. 150pts Max
    3. Min models of 4.
    4. Character rules and Approach rules in full effect.

    Level 3: Incantation

    1. No Incarnation or Divination
    2. 250 pts Max
    3. Min Models of 4
    4. Mages of Initiate/Adept Level only.
    5. Spells are now usable.

    Level 4: Divination

    1. No Incarnation
    2. 300 pts Max
    3. Min Models of 4
    4. Mages of Initiate/Adept Level only
    5. Aspects of Devouts/Zealots Level only
    6. Scenarios are permitted (i.e. you don't just have to line up and kill each other…)

    Level 5: Not Quite Incarnate Yet

    1. No Incarnation
    2. 300, 350, 400 point Maxs (opponents decide which AP to play at.)
    3. Min Models of 4
    4. All levels allowed for Incantation and Divination
    5. Scenarios are encouraged.Ideally, what I would personally like to see is people to show up with list for each of the levels they feel they are capable of playing. For example: Lets say I was pretty comfortable with Confrontation and Incantation, but haven't looked as much at Divination yet. I would therefore bring the following:
      1. Level one list
      2. Level Two list
      3. Level Three list
      4. and a Level Four list if I want to practice Div as well.

    This could also be limited by the number of models you own. If you only own 5 goblin, you may not be able to scrounge the points together for a bigger game, but if you own 5 Wolfen, you're pretty much set. The intent is that by having everyone bring multiple lists, they can pick what level they want to play at and also ideally be willing to help out players at a lower level. This helps newer people to not feel as intimidated and also allows people to build a force as they go rather than just buying everything at once and not having a clue what to do with it.

    Time frame would hopefully be a month or two long. There wouldn't be any game requirements, but if people want, we could keep track of wins and losses for kicks

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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