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  • First Tampa Confrontation Tourney

    Posted on December 9th, 2003 Rob No comments

    Tampa's First Confrontation Tourney 12/7/03


    Welcome to my first report on Tampa's first Confrontation Tourney. It was held at Arena Games in Tampa and Judged by Andrew Whiting (Dr. Mercury) on the forum site. Andrew wanted to play but for our first Tourney, he decided to make sure everyone knew the rules and had fun . First off I want to thank Andrew and Paul of Arena Games for helping and letting us play

    Now About the Tourney. We had about 8 scheduled and, alas, only 4 showed up. Here is the people by name and ranking after the Tourney.

    • Mike Tibbits (Wolfen Howling) 1st place
    • Andrew Ellis (Dirtz) 2nd place
    • Tony Mikulaschek (Orcs) 3rd
    • Chad Gooch (Undead) 4th

    We opted for Texas rules and had 3 matches, all random, including the table set ups. Each table had three pieces of terrain and was 2 x 4 in size.The easiest way to describe the match up is by army so here goes; also don't mind my grammar, I wasn't awake for most of my school life . We all came to the Tourney with 400 ap size units but we played 300 ap matches and had 100 ap in reserve.We used the same scenarios as they did in Texas and I will admit this being my first time using them I had to change my strategy a bit but the Wolfen are pretty flexible.

    First match up

    Wolfen vs Orcs: neither team won the scenario and the orcs got more kill points so Orc were the Victor

    Undead vs Dirtz: neither team won the scenario and the Dirtz got more kill points so Dirtz were the Victor


    The Wolfen and the Orcs had a good match up The orcs did well at keeping Lykaie the Freed bottled up so he couldn't shoot the hell out of them. The undead didn't know that when he summoned puppet that, when they get killed, the other person gets points for that and that's how the Dirtz got more that round.

    Second Match

    Wolfen vs Undead: Wolfen got the objective and got the most kill points and lost no figures so Wolfen is the Victor

    Orcs vs Dirtz: Dirtz won the scenario but Orcs got the most kills but the Dirtz were still the Victors


    Wolfen on the 1st round pulled Lykai the Freed right off the bat. He used his harassment ability to move and shoot Azael and killed her outright. That lost the match for the undead as they couldn't recover after her death. On a different note the Earth elemental was the only one to survive and survive he did. End result: wolfen 0 losses, undead wiped to a man sept the earth elemental. From what i gathered from the Orc and Dirtz they had a fierce battle 2 to 3 Dirtz against the Orc Brontops end result the Orcs got the most aps but the Dirtz won the scenario so they won the match.

    Final Match

    Wolfen vs Dirtz: Wolfen and Dirtz both won scenario but Dirtz got more kill points so Dirtz were the Victor

    Orcs vs Undead: Orcs achieved the scenario but the undead got more kill points Orcs were the Victor


    With Wolfen right off the bat fear played a factor in the battle, making the both the archers and the scared warriors run for their lives. In the end both combatants got the objective .The Undead used their fear also against the orcs making the run for cover but the orcs still got there scenario completed .

    Scenario and kill points: Scenario decides the winner, kill points is for ties

    Wolfen 6 scenario points won but over 70 kill points

    Dirtz 6 Scenario points but was third in ranking for kill points

    Orcs had 5 scenario points and was second in ranking for kill points

    Undead 3 scenario points least amount of kill points

    All in All we all had a great time and look forward to the next Tourney. Sorry for poor grammar and lack of content. Alas, this isn't my forte.

    Mike Tibbits

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