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  • Intro Confrontation Battle Report #2

    Posted on December 3rd, 2003 Rob No comments

    Wolfen vs Dirz: The Rematch
    Aka CK's Confrontation Battle Report #2


    Welcome to the second of what hopefully becomes many battle reports for Confrontation that serve as a learning experience for us all, myself included. Last week, we saw my Dirz get pummeled by the Wolfen, and this week I have decided to attempt redeeming myself and the Wolfen were good enough to give me the chance.

    WOLFEN PLAYER: Sure I agreed. I mean, who doesn't like killing the same guy multiple times? Once he can call luck, but after that, he doesn't have any excuses.

    In addition to it being a rematch, I'm also adding in the dice rolls and their results because so much is up to the player in Confrontation. Hopefully I've managed to keep all of the numbers straight, but if not please feel free to point out any mistakes that I made. Hopefully they'll just be typos rather than me doing thing the wrong way, but my guess is that there will be a little bit of both… NOTE: Any time a number is in parenthesis, such as (4) that is my way of indicating a dice roll.


    Same as last time Its a rematch. You dont change for a rematch.


    Ysis Dis4 + (3) = 7

    Onyx Dis3 + (2) = 5

    Dirz win approach and may place first on the board.

    Again 3'x3'

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    Apologies for the poor graphics, but I'm still trying to get my hands on a decent digital camera and also figure out how to post images within a post here. Anyway, at the end of setup we had the following:

    Block 4: A little village of GW orc huts from the Idol of Gork boxed set because I really like them.
    Block 7: A nice hill.
    Blocks 5 and 6: Various ruin building walls/rubble/etc. Doesn't count as difficult terrain, but can provide cover in places.

    Since I won the Approach roll, I was thrilled to have the choice of a wonderful hill to place all of my archers on. Rather than having the halberdiers protect the archers, I decided to let them run in front of the four Keratis Warriors (all in block 8.) In response, the Wolfen placed his two Preds in the Orc Village for first turn cover. Onyx and the two warriors positioned themselves at the corners of 2,3,5 and 6 prepared for their screening technique they used last time. The two Wolfen with crossbows positioned themselves along the border of 3 and 6, getting ready to run into the ruins and dig in.

    TURN 1

    Tactical Roll:

    Ysis Dis4 + (1)= fail
    Onyx Dis3 + (3)= 6
    Wolfen win Tactical


    Both Preds make a line for the hill trying to get to the crossbowmen before they do too much damage. The Wolfen Warriors and onyx make for the center of the board as well using what cover they can find, which by then end of their movement, isn't much. In response, the Dirz Halberdiers(reserved) and Keratis Warriors are able to charge the Warriors. The four Keratis charge the closer one on the right (War2) and the Halberdiers make a Fear Check. Courage 2 + 2 additional models charging + (6) = 10. War2 Fear6. Halberdiers immune to Fear6 and below and charge War1.


    Ysis (Ini5) fires on Pred B.
    Dif. 7 (med. Range) -1 (Large Target) =6
    Aim 3 + (4) = 7 HIT
    Wound (5,5,6) (Used Hexalid Crossbow for extra wound die) Picks the 5's to bypass the high Wolfen Res, Critical Wound.
    Wolfen Crossbow A (WCA) (Ini4) fires into the War1 combat, aiming at the War1 so as to randomize against all four figures.
    Dif. 7 (med. Range) -1 (Large Target) + 1 (Dynamic Firing) = 7
    Aim 2 + (6) = 8 HIT
    Randomized: War1 (1,2,3) H1(4,5) H2(6,7) H3(8,9) Rolled d10, reroll any 10's.
    Result: 7 H2 Hit. Wound Str10-Res4+ (2,4) = 12 Serious Wound
    Wolfen Crossbow B (WCB) (Ini4 + TR winners) fires on War2 combat.
    Dif 7 (med. Range) -1 (large target) +1 moving = 7
    Rolls a 1 for a failure.
    Dirz Crossbowmen all first simultaneously. (Ini 3 x2 for Precision Firing)
    From DCB1, 2 shots at Pred B and 1 shot at Pred C
    From DCB2, 3 shots at Pred C.
    Against Pred B:
    Dif 4(short range) -1 (PF) -1 (LT) = 2
    Rolled 1 for a failure
    Dif 7(med range) -1 (PF) -1 (LT) = 5
    Aim 3 +(3) = 6 HIT
    Wound: Str6 – Res7 + (4,6) =9 = LW raises CW to Killed
    Against Pred C:
    4 shots Dif7 (med range) -1(LT) -1(PF) = 5
    Aim 3 + (2) = 5 HIT: Wound: (1,1) STUNNED
    Aim 3 + (4) = 7 HIT: Wound: (5,5) Critical Wound
    Aim 3 + (1) = fail
    Aim 3 + (6) = 9 HIT: Wound: Str6-Res7+(2,3)=4 Light Wound raises CW to Killed


    War1 vs. Halberdiers

    Initiative Roll
    War1 Ini4 -1 (charged) +(5) =8
    Halb Ini2 + 2 (chargers) +(1) = failed
    Halb Defend 1 die each in attack and defense War1 4 die in attack, 1 in defense
    Minimum Dif. 2 War1 sets Dif at 6.
    Att5 -1(charged) + (3) = 7HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) + (4) = 8 HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) + (4) = 8 HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) + (5) = 9 HIT
    Def2 + 3 = 5 no save
    Def2 + 2 = 4 no save
    Def2 + 3 = 5 no save
    Wounds: 2 against H1, 1 each H2,H3
    Str10-Res4 +(2,4) = 12 Serious. Wound H1
    Str10-Res4 +(2,5) = 13 H1 raised to Critical
    Str10-Res4 +(5,6) = 17 H2 Killed
    (2,2) H3 Stunned

    Defensive Attacks

    Minimum Dif 3 Halb sets Dif at 5
    H1 Att4 -3(CW) +(6) = 7 HIT
    H3 Att4 – 1(stun) + (4) = 7 HIT
    War1 Def 3-1(charged)+ (6) = 8 Saved 1 H1 HIT
    Wound: (1,1) No effect

    War2 vs. Keratis

    Initiative Roll
    War2 Ini4 -1(charged) +(6, 6,2) = 17
    Keratis Ini2 +3(charger) + 5(mutagenic) +(4)=14
    Keratis Defend 4D 4A War2 5A 1D
    Min Dif 2 War2 Sets Dif.6
    Att5 -1(charged) +(1)= failed
    Att5 -1(charged) +(2) = 6 HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) +(3)= 7 HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) +(4)= 8 HIT
    Att5 -1(charged) +(5)= 9 HIT
    Def2 +(1) = failed
    Def2 +(1)= failed
    Def2 +(3) =5 no save
    Def2 +(6) = 8 Saved

    1 wound to each Keratis

    (4,4) = K1 serious wound

    Str10-Res8 + (3,2) = 7 K2 LW
    Str10-Res8 +(4,5) = 11 K3 CW
    Str10-Res8 + (2,4) = 8 K4 LW

    Defensive Attacks

    Dirz sets Dif 6
    K1 Att4-2(SW)+(4) = 6 HIT War2 Def3-1(charge) +(5) = 7 SAVED
    K2 Att4-1(LW)+(3)= 6 HIT Wound (1,1) no effect
    K3 (1) = Failed
    K4 (1) = Failed

    And thus ends the first turn. Now that Ive gone through the first turn with a lot of numbers and without much narrative, Ill finish things in without the numbers and with words instead. I think the first turn did a good job to illustrate the dice rolling involved and how you set difficulties and such.

    TURN 2
    The Dirz take the offensive as they take a slight point lead within the game thanks to some good first turn shooting from the hill. onyx charges in to help out War1 and the Wolfen with Crossbows move into better positions for firing as well as charging if it becomes needed.

    Ysis starts the shooting again by stunning onyx from long range. Without her Hexalid Crossbow, the shot never would have hit. The WCBA returns fire into the big War2/Keratis melee and finishes off K3 with a deadeye shot (6.6) The Dirz CB then open fire on the halberdier in contact with both War1 and onyx hoping to randomize into them. Unfortunately, the only long range shot to land does so in the arm of the halberdier giving him a light wound. Finally, WCBB opens fire into the Keratis melee and is lucky he didnt really hurt someone with his failed attempt.

    This time the Keratis gain the upper hand and attack War2 (thanks to a mutagenic roll) but fail to wound him at all after a few blocked hits. He then turns around and finishs off K1 and seriously wounds K3. The bright side is that hes still stuck in the combat. The same couldnt be said of War1 who tears through his halberdier and rushes to the aid of his pack leader, onyx. The two of them pummel the remaining Halberdier and onyx pursues toward the hill hoping to get there before they open fire.

    TURN 3
    Spurred on by their victories in combat, the Wolfen win the Tactical Roll and have quite a bit of luck drawing the right cards at the right time. onyx and War1 each manage to charge onto the hill. onyx scares one CB away, and the Warrior scares two away before they get into combat, onyx versus a CB and War1 vs Ysis herself. The remaining CB decide to wait for shots at onyx rather than add extra dice to combats that probably arent going to go very well anyway. The WCBA gives K4 a serious wound to help even out the War2/Keratis fight and WCBB kills of K1. The Dirz CB each open fire on onyx and net a Serious Wound result.

    Combat continues between War2 and the Keratis as he finishes off K4 leaving only K2 to shake in his boots Ysis doesnt fair well against the War1 and finds herself seriously wounded with an unharmed opponent. Fortunately, the CB uses a mutagenic boost to gain the advantage against onyx and a stellar (6,6) wound roll finishes off the large ball of fur and teeth.

    TURN 5
    With their leader gone, the Wolfen allow the Dirz to win Tactical, and it all goes down hill from there. The WCBs both head toward the hill to be within charge range in turn 6 and one of the CB runs to Ysiss aid. The two of them use their mutant powers to attack War1, and thanks to an extra Attack Die from Ysis (character ability) they finish him off. Pursuit is not a good option, so they both stay put. The Keratis and War2 go toe to toe and neither scores a single wound.

    TURN 6
    The Dirz again win tactical shift to keep themselves from wolfen charge range. The wolfen advance into a hail of arrows, which kill WCBB and wound WCBA. To add insult to injury, the Keratis boosts his Ini and finishes off War2 with the dreaded Double 6s.

    TURN 7
    The Wolfen charges into the nearest CB and then dies during the shooting phase thanks to Ysis.

    END RESULT: Dirz WIN! And are redeemed. Which of course means there will be a grudge match at some point in the future, but we dont know when yet.

    As always, please leave comments to let me know what you think and what youd like to see in the reports. Ill let you know that next week Im planning on adding Incantation to the rules, so those of you that are waiting for magic are going to get it soon.

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