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  • HarnWorld: Fortified Manor. Free PDF

    Posted on August 23rd, 2010 Rob No comments

    Columbia Games News

    HarnWorld edition
    August 21, 2010

    Fortified Manor. Free PDF Download

    Fortified Manor
    The newest article from the Harn Writer’s Guild is a 16 page Free PDF available from


    This article describes a large, fortified manor house. It is unnamed and intended to be usable in any fantasy campaign. It is an example of the sort of manor house that might be found on a large, wealthy estate. The lord of such a manor is only one step below a baron and can afford to build a fine stone manor house, support a large household, and live in an impressive style. It may be a newly constructed manor in a dangerous frontier region where such strong defences are necessary or it might be an old, long-settled manor whose defences are now merely a reminder of days gone by.

    The writer made a deliberate choice not to name this manor, so that GMs could feel free to insert it anywhere they need a large stone manor house. He hopes it proves to be of use to GMs and PCs alike.

    The article includes floor plans of the manor house, description of the household, adventure hooks and Game Master (B&W) and Player (color) local area maps showing the manor and adjacent village.

    This is a Harn Writer’s Guild Production: Written by Kerry Mould, Maps by Kerry Mould & Thomas Shook, Art by Richard Luschek, Editing by Brent Bailey.

    Enjoy! Be sure to check out the other free downloads at while you are there!

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