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  • Has Andy Chambers gone to see the Wizard?

    Posted on March 31st, 2004 Rob No comments

    From a GW forum

    I can confirm that Games Workshop and Andy Chambers have decided to part company. For reasons I'm sure you can appreciate, we never discuss employees personal details or situations, so I cant provide any more information than this. I'm going to lock this thread now, as it really is off-topic for this forum.

    Best regards,
    Jervis Johnson
    Head Fanatic

    In an interesting followup rumor, Wizards of the Coast apparently recently claimed to have hired a "veteran of the wargaming industry" which has started heavy speculation that Andy Chambers has been hired by WotC to design a full miniatures wargame based o­n D&D. I cannot find confirmation o­n this o­n the WOTC website


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