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  • IMEX Display Case

    Posted on June 20th, 2009 Hyun No comments

    November 2, 2007.

    In my never-ending quest to find effective and affordable storage and display solutions for miniatures, here’s something I’ve come across during my summer foray into model railroading:


    It’s a closed-topped clear acrylic display case made my IMEX. This particular version is suitable for displaying HO scale rolling stock, but lends itself rather well to the miniatures hobby.

    The dimensions of this particular case is 14.125″ L x 3.5″ W x 3.5″ H (395mm L x 89mm W x 89mm H). IMEX makes different size display cases, as you can see below (this one is circled in red):


    The display case comes carefully wrapped in bubblewrap. I’ve gotten three of these so far, and the finishes on all of the clear acrylic tops have been flawless. These are stackable, and the base tray has lowered (raised?) edges so that the upper stacked case would only touch the lower case’s clear top along the very edges.


    The case consists of a clear, enclosed top, and a black plastic base. The top has two locks on the long sides that you disengage by pushing in the sides.

    Here’s a front view of the display case, holding various 28-35mm scale miniatures and vehicle. From right to left, you have a Space Marine Razorback, Tau XV88 Battlesuit, Cadian Shock Trooper in front of it, and a Dreadnought and an AT-43 UNA Firetoad.


    … and a top-down view. Sorry about the glare.


    And, just in case you were wondering, this particular display case can hold 39 25mm round bases. Since the case is tall enough, if you are handy, it wouldn’t be too difficult to install a clear acrylic shelf, thereby doubling the storage capacity for 25mm round based-figures.


    The MSRP for this case is $12.50, and I got it for $9 via mail order. Until I have the time and money to come up with an ultimate solution for miniatures storage and display (whatever shape that’ll take), this is a very cost-effective and dustproof way to store and display miniatures.

    Originallly written for WeeToysSoldiers on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 11:15 pm by Hyun
    We started talking to Hyun and he’s not sure what’s happening with his site at the moment. I, personally, hate to see good content disappear so we’re slowly going to republish (with permission) his articles either here or on TerrainMonster (depending on the type of article).

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