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  • Making Chain Mail: Part 2

    Posted on August 25th, 2003 Rob No comments

    Now I have given a good article on the process of making European 4 in 1. Make sure you read that before you start on this.

    Dicebags for Dummies
    Alright, we’re going to put your newly aquired knowledge to use in something every gamer needs, a Dicebag!

    Now you’ll want to get a ton of rings together first Decide on the dimensions you want. I’m doing a 6×6 one. You can do any size you want.

    Now start off by making a sheet of 4in1 with the same width as what you want, but double the length.
    This would be an example for a 6×6 D-bag.

    so as you can see, I have double length there. Once you have the sheet done, fold it in half so its the size you want. Now time for the seams. This is a bit tricky.

    Move the place where you want to seam so it just feels like your weaving two chains together… then do that, for each side.

    Now take a string, and string it through the top links, then when you get all the way around, tie a slip-knot and you’re done! You made a great, durable dice bag!

    Expansion and Contraction!

    Expansion and contraction are very useful when making items the require to be large in one part than the other.

    Its easy enough to do each. I’ll start with contraction.

    The normal way to add a link to a piece of mail is to loop it through two rings in the previous row. To contract a piece, place a link through three rings instead. This effectively removes a column, decreasing by one the number of links per row.

    To expand a piece add an extra link to the bottom of the mail. This extra ring goes between two others so that a link in the row before the bottom will have five others linked to it instead of the usual four. This increases by one the number of rings per row.

    Remember, keep your expansions/contractions spaced from each other, it becomes noticable when there s a row of link that each only have 3 links connecting to them.

    Well another chainmail article by Rpgamer12

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