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  • Mithril Miniatures May Madness Newsupdate

    Posted on May 11th, 2007 Rob No comments

    Hi Mithril Collectors, Its the sale you have been waiting for. 75% off a huge range of miniatures, including key characters from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    From just 2.38 Euro for a pewter limited edition 32mm scale figure, there is now a unique opportunity for lovers of Tolkien's intricate story to collect beautifully crafted figurines that capture the emotion and personality that are intrinsic in why they have become such an addictive hobby for collectors worldwide.

    Examples of savings: LR24 – Merry and Pippin, normally 9.50 Euro, now only 2.38 Euro. SAVE 7.12 Euro. M62 – Smaug the dragon, Bilbo and treasures, normally 33.75 Euro, now 8.44 Euro, Save 25.31 Euro. M187 Skinbark the Ent, normally 15.25 Euro, now 3.82 Euro, Save 11.43 Euro. Off ends May 17th.


    Other news from Mithril: We have added a new set of navigation menus to Mithril, which are divided by race: Creatures Dwarves Elves Hobbits Humans Orcs / Trolls Undead Wizards Other We are interested in your opinion to the new changes to our site. Do you find it easier to find out which figures you are looking for? Tell me if you have any ideas of how to improve it further. The Shadows of Angmar Special Edition game was a big success and now 40,000 people will be holding a genuine Mithril Witch-king in their hands while playing the latest online game. Mithril wish to welcome these new people to our website.

    Fellowship Figures: We recently released a Female Ranger and a Corsair Admiral in April and we look forward to the next release later this month of Thranduils Standard bearer and Ent trumpeting. If you are not a member of this exclusive club then maybe you should rethink your position as the benefits are huge, the fun is constant and the satisfaction is unsurpassed.



    Final Note: Prince august Roman Wars release: It has been 2 years in the production but finally we have added pictures of our new Roman release due out at the end of May. If you have any interest in that time period then have a look and tell us what you think. These are 28mm scale figures, which will be a mix of moulds and cast figures, aimed at wargaming, but easily collectable for historical dioramas as well. Warzone and Chronopia 75% off sale for one week only. We have 40 figures at all time low prices, including our famous bag of 80 soldiers for just 4.99 Euro. Best Wishes, Michael O'Brien, Webmaster, Prince august Factory, Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Cork, Ireland

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