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  • Project: VT-3 Pinzgauer

    Posted on February 10th, 2012 Highland_Piper No comments

    Mel Ebbles is starting a new project and by sponsoring you can get in on the ground floor of Beta Testing and choose your own color scheme and a simple prop!


    This is a heavy shuttle for the Saga Of The Uppity Robots series.

    • 17″ long, 4″ tall (stands 5″ tall with landing gear included), and about 7-ish inches wide
    • Functional cargo bay measuring 8″ long, 4″ wide, and 3″ tall.
    • The nose cargo door opens inwards and upwards, and the entire belly drops to the ground like the Aliens dropship.

    Support This Project

    • The minimum pledge of $15 entitles you to the finished product, as well as early access to the beta files.
    • Every increment of $5 above the minimum allows you to sponsor a custom color scheme of your choosing.
    • Every increment of $10 above the minimum allows you to sponsor an extra prop or accessory item of 1-2 pages.
    • You may combine the above perks any way you like.

    All custom color schemes and other perks will be completed on a first-come, first-serve basis after the beta phase is completed.


    So what are you waiting for?  Get on over there and support the project!


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    • I’ve put in $30.00 myself. Had I not just purchased a new computer I would have gladly supported $50.00 for this.

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