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  • Quest for Dragons on the History Channel

    Posted on August 4th, 2005 Rob No comments

    Thursday August 4, 2005 o­n the History Channel

    A spirited exploration of the history, science, and legend of the worlds most notorious beast–the dragon, the best-known creature that never was. Throughout history, dragons influenced wars, science, art, and religion. They appear in almost every culture and many still believe in dragons.

    How could different cultures, isolated by geology and millennia, all invent the same creature? If the dragon is simply the product of our imagination, how could distant peoples, with no knowledge of each other, all invent the same beast? o­ne of the reasons dragons are a perennial favorite is that even though they are the ultimate predator and antagonist, its also fun to identify with them. In the end, we want to be the dragon as much as we may want to slay the dragon.

    History Channel

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