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  • Repairing Plastic Miniatures

    Posted on February 20th, 2006 Highland_Piper No comments

    I'm going to show you how to fix your plastic miniatures using an old method most people use on their metal miniatures. The technique is called "Pinning". To pin something is to use a rod of metal of various thickness, depending on the size of the figure, to secure or fasten another part two it. Kind of like graphing. Most large figures will have a post and a hole (male and female part) when you glue them together. Well if a figure breaks you basically do the exact same thing.

    ***Those under the age of 18 get parent supervision when using lighters and knives***

    First you need a broken figure, a pliers, a pin, and a lighter.

    Broken Mech Warrior

    Using the pliers grip the pin firmly by its head. Then heat the pointed end until it glows orange. Take the broken figure and insert the heated pin into the broken area.

    Insert Heated Pin

    Now snip (cut) the pin a few cm leaving a post sticking out. Take the pin in the pliers again. Heat up the end again and insert it into the other broken end. But instead of leaving the pin in, remove it.This will make a nice hole for the post to fit into securely

    Now we want a nice smooth fit so take a hobby knife and remove all the flash that was created when the hot pin melted the plastic.

    Make sure the surface is smooth and that no flash or debris remain. when trimming the flash around the hole you made, make sure you dont plug the hole up, it needs to remain unobsturucted.Now take your super glue and apply the glue to the post and area around it. I actually inserted the post into the super glue tube to make sure it was covered properly.

    Now take the other half and insert the post into the hole and firmly push together. Make sure you have the split lined up properly. Hold until the super glue starts to bond.

    Take a cotton swab (or light cloth) and remove the extra super glue that may have leaked out. **Warning** Super glue is toxic and will probably strip any paint around the area. Follow instructions provided with the glue. Place figure is safe place to dry. Dont mess with it until it is completely dry.

    And it's done! This should only take about 5 min of your time. This method is much stronger than just glue alone. This method also works great for the newer plastic space marines from Games Workshop.

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