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  • World Works Games Relaunch!

    Posted on July 21st, 2011 Highland_Piper No comments

    We’re Just Getting Started!

    WorldWorksGames is nearing its 10th anniversary and as astounding as that number is to those of us who’ve been around since the beginning, what’s more exciting is just how far we have left to go. This decade long journey saw WWG setting many new standards, occasionally fumbling but always pushing the limits of where we could take the medium and the market. The journey has taught us that the road isn’t just long, it never truly ends and each new place we visit is more amazing than the last. Put simply; WorldWorksGames has finally come of age and we want you by our side as we explore new paths.

    We can’t say the above without mentioning the incredible nature of the community which has formed around us over the past decade. Bar none, the WorldWorksGames community is one of the friendliest, most supportive communities out there. You simply won’t meet a better group of people and we are constantly humbled by how fortunate we are to have you along with us for the ride.

    At Home with WorldWorksGames

    To us, the WWG website is about much more than the same old, tired e-store experience you’ve seen a million times before. To us, its always been a place to hang your hat, talk with like-minded friends and explore the potential of the hobby together. Though we’ve worked very hard for the past year to ensure an intuitive shopping experience, our focus moving forward will be on the community, how to make it stronger, more supportive, more inspiring and it will never truly be finished (so watch the wet paint!). This is a work in progress fueled by you!

    New Store Features

    Reduced Prices!: Over the years we’ve seen pricing trends change dramatically while the market found its feet. To that end, we’ve adjusted pricing catalog wide to help you stretch your hobby dollars to the max! Food and clothing are just as important as gaming goods…we realize that!

    Robust Catalog Filtration Tools: You can now browse our catalog by Category, Genre and Product Line. We’ve broken our products into distinct product lines, with detailed descriptions for each, to help you make an informed purchase decision each step of the way!

    FREE Kitbashes!: Product owners now have completely free access to fan modified kitbashes associated with each core catalog purchase. Kitbashes remain available for purchase to those who do not own or for whatever reason do not wish to own the model set from which they were derived. (More kitbashes to be added and updated from our archives as we move forward).

    Easy Downloads with “Collections”: We’ve created an all new “My Home” area which includes 3 handy visual collections tools. My Collection, My Kitbashes & My Freebies offer you a visually intuitive listing of your purchases and complimentary contents. Simply scan to the product image of your choice and hit “Download”. Doesn’t get any simpler than that!

    Public Profiles: The single best way to promote community growth is to promote community members as individuals! With Public Profiles, users can opt to share details about themselves, their builds, their product reviews, their hobby and their level of support in general. We have additional enhancements coming to the Public Profiles area which will offer tighter integrations to other areas (forums/galleries) and connect users in unique ways, to inspire, to forge friendships and offer guidance. You can also use Public Profiles to check in on your favorite designers to see what they’ve created in the past and what they are working on right now!

    Countdowns: After a product hits a specific level of completion on our “In the Works” meter on our homepage, you can expect a countdown to start which exactly marks a products launch date on our store.

    News & Social Networks: WorldWorksGames will be fully supporting regular updates to FaceBook and Twitter feeds as well as regular RSS support and a newly streamlined newsletter format. Keeping up to date with WWG has never been easier!

    Expanded FAQ / Tutorials Area: We’ve expanded and consolidated our tutorials, support materials and information into an easy to browse listing.

    More Friends on the Way!: You can expect to see some fresh faced designers around WorldWorksGames as we continue to expand our catalog and product range (you may even know a few of them). You will also see unique features from time to time with a focus on maximizing your table top gaming experience!

    Much More to Come!

    We aren’t done yet! The truth is that the new WorldWorksGames store has many planned features waiting in the wings for implementation. We have broad improvements to community features, a richer user experience and support structure, additional shopping tools and much more on the way! Our goal is to provide you with the best online shopping experience and community experience possible for tabletop gaming related goods, both digital and otherwise.

    Like we said; we’re just getting started!

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