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  • Mongoose to re-release Runequest!!!

    Posted on November 14th, 2005 Rob No comments

    2006 looks like a new age for that classic RPG, RuneQuest, with Mongoose re-releasing the game.

    Runequest has always been a popular game with every gaming group I have played with. The system was pretty deep and took quite a while to create characters, but the essense of the game was pretty different from others around at the time. Personally, I started with 2nd Edition, with Ducks and Tiger Son characters, then progressed to the numerous boxes and books of the later Avalon Hill and GW versions, and currently with the Runequest: Slayers version (which was never published, but is available free o­n the web – a great system IMHO!).

    It looks like with the new release, the system will be changed though….. how much so isn't confirmed yet, but hopefully it'll be a little less stat-heavy than the previous versions. They will also be producing it in an 'Open' format similar to the d20 system, where other people can write and publish stuff for the game system. Hmmm, Runequest: Dark Age???…….. based o­n the miniatures game……. worth a thought!

    They will be producing additional items for the game later o­n including Glorantha material……

    Something to keep an eye out for. Hopefully they'll do a good job for this worthy system and bring about a new format for taking o­n the evils of the Broo, the mysteries of the Dragonewts, and provide a proper documented system for gaining Runes and immortality…

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