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  • MWAoD “Operation Blackout”

    Posted on July 23rd, 2008 Highland_Piper No comments

    MechWarrior “Operation Blackout”

    The commander has ordered a scout team to disable the satellite system.  This is a black ops mission warriors.  Your to sneak in, disable the satellite system and sneak back out without being spotted.  This will allow our sneak attack to succeed.

    Battlefield Map

    Player one is planning a sneak attack on the planet and must disable the satellite at Base Gamma.

    Player 1 is to sneak through Player 2’s base and disable the Satellite (Terrain B6) without Player 2 knowing about it.  Player 2 is to start out with 150 pts on the board and the other 150 pts in the buildings.  The 150 pts on the board is to do a moving patrol of the area.

    Player one will sneak in without being detected (see special rules) and leave the board from any edge.  Failing that they must destroy the Satellite.  Player 2 must spot Player one and stop them from disabling or destroying the Satellite.

    60 minutes

    2-player game. 300-point battle force, 3 orders per turn

    Players set up the terrain as per the battlefield map. No additional terrain is placed.

    Before the game begins Player 1 will pick an area on the map as his/her deployment zone and write it on a piece of paper (or print of a picture of the map and circle the area).  Player 1 will reveal their deployment when they decide to enter the board.  They MUST enter the playing area by the third turn or the game forfeits to Player 2.  Not all of Player 1’s force has to be deployed right away.  Only the pieces used to disable the Satellite.  All of Player 1’s 300 pts must be on the board the following turn if spotted.

    Player 2 will pick 150 pt for patrol duty.  These will be placed on the board and will remain at least 10 inches away from the Satellite at all times.  Player 2 will draw out a patrol plan on his/her copy of the map and follow it until Player one has been spotted (see below).  The other 150 pts will be divided with Mechs going into B3 terrain and infantry and vehicles going into B4.  Also write down their location on you copy of the map and keep it hidden.  Leave those 150 pts off the table until being deployed.

    Disabling the Satelite: Player one must go in base contact with the B6 terrain for one full turn to disable it.  If not an option the Satillte can take 6 hits.  Use a 6 sided die to keep track of damage.

    Spotting the Enemy: Player 2 can spot the enemy if they get within 8 inches of any piece in the 150 pt. patrol.  Once the enemy is spotted the rest of the 150 pts can be deployed on the following turn


    • 300 pts for disabling the Satellite without being spotted
    • 150 pts for destroying the Satellite
    • 150 pts for detecting the enemy
    • Player 2 gets double points for captured units

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