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  • WARMACHINE: Apotheosis release

    Posted on March 29th, 2005 Rob No comments

    Seattle WA, March 14th 2005 – Privateer Press announces the latest addition to its popular WARMACHINE tabletop miniatures game to be released in August 2005. This 144 page full-color expansion advances the WARMACHINE storyline and adds new warjacks and warcasters.

    WARMACHINE: Apotheosis introduces new rules that improve the depth of play and enrich the gaming experience for new and veteran players alike. In addition to new warcasters, some old favorites return with new abilities and updated models to reflect advancement and changes to their characters. The book also includes a new map-based campaign system providing story-driven play.

    The 20 new products introduced in WARMACHINE:Apotheosis are large, complex masterworks for the discriminating modeler and collector. One of the largest of these sculptures is made from close to 30 parts and is nearly 3 times the weight of previous heavy warjacks.

    Commenting on the new book and product line, co-founder and creative director of Privateer Press, Inc. Matt Wilson said, "WARMACHINE:Apotheosis takes everything about WARMACHINE to the next level. It is our most artistic and amazing undertaking to date, and it will satisfy the cravings of every player – especially those ready to take the next steps in game complexity and master-level modeling."

    The expansion includes the WARMACHINE:Apotheosis book and 5 new SKUs for each of the existing four factions. Though there are no new factions in this release, Privateer Press will be making an announcement regarding new factions later this summer.

    Including art and illustrations from Chippy Dugan, Brian Snoddy, Brian Despain, and Matt Wilson, WARMACHINE:Apotheosis will retail for $34.99 US and will be available in stores August 24th, 2005. The release will also include a limited edition hard cover version available through pre-order only.

    Privateer Press, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Matt Wilson and Brian Snoddy and produces the award-winning tabletop miniatures war game WARMACHINE as well as the award-winning d20 Iron Kingdoms Role-playing Game. To learn more about Privateer Press, visit or contact the president of Privateer Press, Sherry Yeary , at (206) 783-9500.

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