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  • Warring Kingdoms

    Posted on February 5th, 2007 Rob No comments

    One thousand nights, for almost three long years the team behind Wolfrider Games have been researching into and designing Cathay fantasy armies.

    Warringkingdoms, A new world of fantasy battles involving 28mm miniatures that explores and expands upon an oriental perspective. It has been a long and arduous journey and as lead designer and sculptor, it has also been a humbling Having made pilgrimages to historical china throughout the last three years, I spent a substantial amount of time immersing myself into the countries five thousand years culture and history, its myths, people and traditions.

    China was but the principal reference point for Cathay but not its limitation. We also drew influences from Mongolia, Tibet, Korea and Japan. The Cathay of the Warringkingdoms is but an interpretation of a fantasy world with an oriental base. To say that it is Chinese or even oriental would be to confine it, something that goes against the very essence of fantasy itself. Such is the limitation of the written language that I find myself seeking vainly for a more appropriate term.

    I can o­nly emphasize that should the information within this website or the design of the Cathayan kingdoms excite you in any way, then I will have considered my role as the designer a success.Warringkingdoms is a 28mm miniatures fantasy battle game, but unlike many other fantastical worlds we will be releasing Cathay kingdoms armies first and in future more conventional armies such as the orks, elves and dwarves will follow. With the arrival of the rulebook, Late 2007 will see the official release of Warringkingdoms. The test rules will be o­nline late February 2007.

    However, rather than contain all the excitement within the studio, we at Wolfrider Games have decided to pre-release o­ne unit type from each of the three main Cathay kingdoms. These are the West Chu warriors, Hoas Imperial Guard and finally the Dark Turran skeleton archers. Do bear in mind that these three units are pre releases that will come without the official packaging as these are yet to be finalised for production. You will however be getting hold of miniatures many months in advance before their official release date.

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    Nghia Tu

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