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  • MKD Dream Team 1

    Posted on August 13th, 2003 Highland_Piper No comments

    When playing Mage Knight Dungeons the perfect team can be a difficult and critical decision you will make for that game. Many players (myself included) fall into a slump and never try any new teams or combinations. This will cause their MKD experience to go stagnant.

    In the DREAM TEAM articles we will try to spice up your game by offering you new options for teams, may they be your standard teams with a different format or an unusual combination that challenges your mind.

    In this episode of MKD Dream Team we offer you a standard team.

    To the left we have our team of 99 points

    Amir 26 points

    Chromazar 24 points

    Priest Wyndfenner 25 points

    Secric of Caero 24 points.

    This is our Dream Team

    Amir from the Pyramid Booster is a nice fighter for any group! With Weapon Mastery, Toughness at levels 2-5, and Charge at levels 4 & 5 he can quickly clear a dungeon tile of pesky Mage Spawn!

    Chromazar from the Heroic Quest package adds even more destruction to your party. Range Attack at 8 inches. Weapon Mastery at levels 1-3 then replaced with Magic Blast at levels 4 & 5. To protect Chromazar he has Battle Armor Levels 2-4 which gets replaced with Toughness at level 5. Chromazar also lends a hand to his fellow party members with Magic Enhancement at level 4 & 5. When things look bad and your taking a beating Chromazar can end up with Weapon Master and Beserk 2 clicks from death (1 from Demoralized).

    Priest Wyndfenner gives you a range attack of 6 inches. He has healing up to level 2 which then gets replaced by Magic Healing. Magic Retaliation helps console the player if Priest Wyndfenner gets damaged, he retains this ability levels 1-5. Last but not least is Bound at level 4 & 5.

    Secris of Caero is not your standard thief/assassin. With Stealth and Sneak Attack dominating most of his dial he makes an excellent choice for opening those traps and levelling quickly! Dodge at level 5 also helps Secris out in combat situations. I have personally used Secris many times to sneak attack Mage Spawn (or Players) after being softened by my heavy hitters. Don't waste him though, with stealth he can easily sneak away to uncover more chests for the party.

    Well I hope you try and enjoy this party. It is a very powerful combination when used properly.

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