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  • MKD Dream Team 2

    Posted on August 20th, 2003 Highland_Piper No comments

    Welcome to the second installment of Mage Knight Dungeons: Dream Team. In these articles we will attempt to show different, unusual, and challenging teams for people to play. This week is a little more challenging “Standard” Team. By standard team we mean a team consisting of a Brawler, Thief, Healer, and a Mage.

    This weeks Dream Team

    Chaotic Grim, Level o­ne, D094 29 Points
    Daren Brakensword, Level o­ne, D069 23 Points
    Erlin Boltripper, Level o­ne, HQ09 19 Points
    Oracle Matteo, Level o­ne. D071 26 Points
    Total: 97 Points

    Chaotic Grim is not the easiest Hero to use, his abilities are erratic at best
    and he never keeps the same abilities. Why then would anyone want to use him?
    How about diversity to start with. At first level Chaotic Grim starts with Magic
    Blast and his 6 inch range. At second level he loses magic blast and gains Magic
    Confusion, this is a good offensive/defensive ability in my opinion. At third
    level he sheds Magic Confusion and gains Shock Wave which is a particularly
    devastatinng ability in the close quarters of dungeons. At fourth level he gains
    Necromancy but his damage is reduced to 1. At level 5 Chaotic Grim gains Defend
    and Command. But that is not all for Chaotic Grim. When he takes a click of
    damage (from level one) he will possess Flame/Lightning, 2 clicks of damage
    gives him Charge and Beserk, 3 clicks and he gets Flight, 4 clicks gives him
    Battle Furry and 5 clicks of damage will produce Beserk again.

    Daren Brakensword is your heavy hitter, your fighting machine. Unlike Chaotic
    Grim, Daren Brakensword is a fairly predictable figure as abilities go. At levels
    one and two he enjoys Weapon Master, Battle Armor, and Battle Fury. This makes
    him fairly tough guy to mess with! Levels 3-5 will give you Forced March, Weapon
    Mastery, Battle Armor and Command! This guy is tough and can go head to head
    with some of the nastiest Mage Spawn out there!

    Erlin Boltripper is a nice inexpensive thief! Stealth and Magic Immunity is
    nice at level one but try to get him to level two as soon as you can. from levels
    2 and 3 he has Stealth, Sneak Attack, and Magic Immunity. This will help you
    on your way to disarming those traps! Levels 4 and 5 brings on Nimble, Sneak
    Attack and Magic Immunity. Try to keep Erlin out of combat and leave that to
    the other figures. The Magic Immunity tends to make healing difficult. But if
    he does end up next to Mage Spawn he can hold his own having a high damage for
    a thief.

    Oracle Matteo is your healer and his first step to caring for your teams wound
    is by not letting them get any. Oracle has Defend from one click of damage to
    level 5! At one click of damage to level one he has Healing then gains Magic
    Healing from levels 2-5. Add that to his 8 inch range and you can keep your
    figures in top health! How to use them together? Well this is a tricky team
    to play to its best potential. Lets view the pro’s and con’s of this team. If
    Chaotic Grim is at Level 5 don’t forget that Darren Brakensword also has Command
    and you get an additional 1d6 to roll for it! If you level Oracle Matteo past
    level one you need to be careful of Erlin Boltripper as he has Magic Immunity
    and you will not be able to heal him. Fear not if he does die use Chaotic Grims
    Necromancy at level 4 to bring him back into play. Have Oracle help Brackensword
    out with his Defend ability against those tough foes, or Chaotic Grim’s Defend
    ability of 18 at level 5. Dont forget to double check Chaotic Grims abilities!
    Use him to soften up the Mage Spawn before they get into base contact! Check
    out next week as we do more difficult Dream Teams.

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