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  • MKD Dream Team 3

    Posted on September 16th, 2003 Highland_Piper No comments

    This enstallment of Dream Team is an all Fighter/Brawler group while still maintaining the essential abilities needed to survive a dungeon.

    Gervin the Loyal, level one, DG078, 25 points
    Rurik the Blessed, level o­ne, P090, 23 points
    Lady Skeri, level o­ne, DG080, 27 points
    Steel, level o­ne, DG081, 25 points

    Gervin the Loyal: While not what you would think as the Ultimate Fighter Gervin offers a good mix of defence and offence to support your team, and with a low point cost it makes him that much more attractive. With Weapon Master, Invulnerability, Toughness, and Battle Armor your sure to be able to wade through the Mage Spawn with our to many difficulties. The low damage of Gervin may upset a few players but his Weapon Master skill (levels 1-5) more than makes up for it. Gervin also has a high defence value to allow him to soak up that damage.

    Rurik the Blessed: Is he a fighter or a healer? Well both actually. Unlike most healers, I have no problem sending Rurik out to do a little bashing! Rurik is the perfect defensive weapon o­n your team! With many clicks of Magic Healing and o­ne click of Heal, Rurik will keep your team in good health, add to that Defend (levels 2-5), with the defence of 16-18 will also protect your guys (or gals) from harm. Levels 4 and 5 gives Rurik Magic Freeze to slow down those pesky Mage Spawn with flight. Rurik also sports an 8 range and fair damage.

    Lady Skeri: An impressive fighter with many clicks of Ram, Lady Skeri also provides Healing at levels 4 and 5 and Defend at levels 2 through 5! With exceptional stats in Attack, Defence and Damage o­n top of those special abilities already mentioned, Lady Skeri is a wonderful combination for any group.

    Steel: Here is a fighter/thief after my own heart. Tired of keeping your thief in the background? While fret not! Steel can dish it out with a cornucopia of special abilities! With plenty of clicks of Stealth and Sneak Attack at levels 4 and 5, Steel will be able to take care of most traps without a problem. Want to make sure he gets to those chests unscathed? Quickness at levels 3 through 5 and Limited Invisibility at levels 3 and 4 should do the trick. But what about the fighter in Steel? How about Sweep at levels 1 through 3 and Dodge at level 5. What a wonderful blend of Fighter and Thief for any party.

    Dream Team Play Tips: Make sure to keep Rurik the Blessed and Lady Skeri next to the other two figures so each may benefit from their Defend and Healing abilities! If overwhelmed by Mage Spawn send Gervin and Steel for a combination of Sweep and Weapon Mastery while Rurik picks off any strays with his range attack.

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