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  • MKD Dream Team 4

    Posted on October 4th, 2003 Highland_Piper No comments

    When thinking of the Dream Teams the first thing I try to do is make a combination that is different and rarely used by most players. Why you ask (or even if you did not ask)? Because I've noticed a trend in teams that most players use, and they are all about the same. With all the different options of Heroes out there I knew that different combinations can be used. Besides they would o­nly collect dust at the bottom of your storage bin, and that is a waste of money. The next thing I look for is to make the team fun and challenging, even difficult at times. This time I also wanted to add a theme. I got several. This team is a Range Combat Team, Has o­ne figure from each Dungeons booster (Dungeon, Pyramids, Hero Quest, and Dragons Gate) and by accident they are all Female.

    Autumn, level 1, HQ02, 26 points

    Morvana Stormbringer, levl 1, P091, 26 points

    Scholar-magus Bessa, level 1, D074, 22 points

    Thiana Farseeker, level 1, DG074, 26 points

    Autumn: Now Autumn should be used as a support piece o­nly! Do not engage her in combat unless absolutely necessary. Her Magic Levitation at levels 1-5 will keep those pesky mage spawn away from the team while her Healing ability (levels 1-5) will keep the team in tip top shape. Add Magic Freeze at levels 4 & 5 to slow down even the swiftest of dungeon spawn while the rest of the team plays target practice. When injured Autumn will finally use those wings of hers with Flight, but it does not last long. Autumn has a range of 8.

    Morvana Stormbringer: In this group Morvana is a heavy hitter. Having multiple shots, range of 10 and Shockwave means trouble for the denizens of any dungeon. Flight at levels 2-5 helps her navigate her assault (or retreat) through the maze of dungeons with ease and grace while Toughness at levels 4 & 5 will keep her from receiving too much injury in the off chance of close combat.

    Scholar-magus Bessa: Magic Enhancement (levels 1-5) is the perfect ability for this group of range hitters. Range 10 and multiple shots will whittle down the mage spawn and Flame/Lightning adds to that damage at levels 3-5. Scholar-magus Bessa also possesses Levitation (levels 2-5) to move her fellow team mates or opponents.

    Thiana Farseeker: Although o­nly a single range attack at 10, Thiana Farseeker mops the floor with Mage Spawn blood with her Magic Blast (levels 3-5). Magic Levitation helps move the party along or keep the mage spawn at bay (levels 1-5). Magic Immunity (2-5) helps to keep her safe against some of those more than nasty creatures out there, while multiple clicks of Battle Fury is useful in the eventuality of her being attacked. Even when demoralized (heaven forbid) Thiana Farseeker receives Magic Retaliation.

    Play Tips: This is not a beginner's team to use. Only experienced players that want a challenge should try this team. With 3 Heroes possessing Levitation and o­ne of those with Magic Freeze, there is no reason why Mage Spawn should get close to the team. At any given range (preferably 2-5 spaces) this team is LEATHAL. The combinations of Magic Blast, Magic Enhancement, Multiple Shots, Flame/Lightning, and Shockwave will decimate just about any group of Mage Spawn. Use this team wisely and you will prevail.

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