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  • Painting Space Marines

    Posted on May 20th, 2007 Rob No comments

    Detailed Description of one way to paint a Space Marine Vetran Squad.

    I decided that I would use the GW Veteran Squad, and work it out from there using the same color scheme I use for all my Marines.

    Now bear in mind, most of those colors are for the small details.

    Now onto the how to…

    Colors you will need:

    Chaos Black Primer and pot.
    Shadow Gray
    Bubonic Brown
    Elf Flesh
    Boltgun Metal (I used my own mix for this)
    Glittering Gold
    Skull White
    Bleached Bone
    Metallic Blue

    First I primed the entire squad in Chaos Black (I always use black as a primer on any figs that have dark colors.

    Second I base coated the greaves, shoulder pad trim, chest, Helm ridge and lower face plate, gloves elbow and knee pads with shadow gray, ensuring that the color stopped at any sharp edges or just shy of anything else not mentioned. As seen in the following pictures.

    I then used skull white to paint all cloth excluding awards, and painted the shoulder pads with the same color. (I only use white on the shoulder pads for any leaders, Veteran Sergeants of a normal non veteran non command squad only receive the white shoulder pad for their left shoulder, Veteran Squads get both)

    I also applied gold to the upper helm leaving the ridge shadow gray. Any chest eagles or straps are painted gold as well.

    Now comes the joints, small skulls and vents. Use your bolt gun metal or similar mixture (mine is darker) and dry brush all of these

    Now comes the awards. Base coat these with Bubonic Brown leaving a line of black between the brown and any other color on another surface. After you have done this, Dry brush with Bleached Bone leaving an edge of Bubonic Brown to simulate weathering.

    At this point Paint the eyes a metallic Blue and paint any large Skulls using a dry brush technique with bleached Bone.

    Any Blades are painted with metallic Blue.

    You may be asking. What are the rest of the colors used for… Well, any flesh, base coat in Bubonic Brown, then Dry brush using Elf Flesh

    I paint my guns using Boltgun Metal for the muzzle, Sight assembly, and under casement. The over casement is painted Gold, and all logos on the weapons are painted Bolt Gun Metal.

    Then comes the details. Text for the banners, Hair, Back Packs.

    Hair I will leave to your discretion, just be sure you dry brush whichever color you choose.

    Text Use the smallest brush you have, and only take a tiny drop on the tip. Lightly squiggle lines across the awards. If you want, try your hand at a small calligraphic symbol to start off the text.

    Backpacks are painted using Shadow Gray ensuring to end the color at any sharp edges unless the edge does not run into another surface. The exhaust vents are painted using Bolt Gun metal, as well as the wiring, and intake if their is one. Logos are also painted bolt gun metal unless you apply a cross, then it is painted gold.

    And the finished product will look something like:


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