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  • Stripping Miniatures Guide

    Posted on August 7th, 2003 Rob No comments

    Stripping minatures is easy, most people see a miniature with a really poor paintjob with a really low price tag but pass it up because they either dont know how to strip miniatures or think that its too hard. This is so easy, even Highland Piper could do it.

    Materials List

    • Simple Green
    • Toothbrush
    • Newspaper/Paper Towel
    • Container
    • Your Miniature

    Step One

    This is Step One, all you do is take your Simple Green, pour about half
    of the bottel into your container and put your miniature in, wait 5-10
    minuites and take it out. You take your Toothbrush and scrub at it a bit,
    after you have done that proceed to Step Two.

    Step Two

    This is what your model should roughly look like, it is easy
    to scrub off the large flat areas of the miniature but it is also apparent
    that the fine details are being obscured by the paint still in there.
    Continue to Step Three.

    Step Three

    You still have a bunch of paint in the fine details of the miniature
    that are almost impossible to get out with the toothbrush, all you have
    to do is take a small tool such as a sewing needle and clear them out,
    if you dont then you may end up with too many flat surfaces where detail
    should be on your models. Hair is especially tricky but with time you
    will find that it just takes some patients and effort.

    That is my article on how to strip a miniature, I hope
    you found it at least remotely helpful and I would defenatly suggest you
    try out this Simple Green, it is non toxic, biodegradable so you dont
    have to worry if you pour it down your sink. I have no affiliation with
    any of the companies portrayed in this demo nor do they have any affiliation
    with myself or

    Jack In The Mox

    P.S. This is my first article so this is basically my worst work lol.

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