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  • 5/18/2007 Dicey Business: Columbia’s Electronic Newsletter

    Posted on May 19th, 2007 Rob No comments

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    Columbia Games News

    Boardgames edition
    May 18th, 2007

    DICEY BUSINESS is sent to all gamers on our mailing list, highlighting Columbia Games news and features recently added to There are two editions of Dicey Business: Hârnworld and Boardgames.



    A short (one-year) scenario beginning in 1779 for Liberty: American Revolution has been posted to:

    This scenario focuses on the American conflict with the British-supported Iroquois in the inland area of the New York colony.

    Liberty Scenario 1779 (PDF 56K)

    Thanks to Alan Marian for creating this excellent mini-game.



    Columbia Games' Athens and Sparta game development is well-underway. An early draft map has been posted to:

    More news to come on this game in the near future.


    In February 2007, I (Grant Dalgliesh) interviewed with the guys who run the excellent wargaming podcast, Point 2 Point. The interview is part of issue 21 of their regular broadcast and was just recently posted to the Point 2 Point website. We discuss the history and the future of Columbia Games, current projects, and a variety of other wargame topics.

    If you’ve not listened to a Point 2 Point podcast before, download issue 21 today! Its free!

    From the Point 2 Point website
    Another SuperSized Episode for your consumption! Jason and Scott answer some feedback, discuss their online gaming adventures, and, then move into their interview with Grant Dalgliesh, Heir to the Columbia Games, er, fortune.


    The National World War II Museum will host Heat of Battle: The National World War II Wargame Convention August 24-26, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Gamers from around the world will be attending this all-WWII historical board and miniatures game convention. Game referees will be using a variety of rules sets to recreate famous and lesser-known land, sea, and air engagements from all theaters of the war.

    Heat of Battle

    Columbia Games will be sponsoring the event and will support any GMs who wish to run demo games of Rommel in the Desert, Pacific Victory, or the EuroFront series. If you are interested in running a board or miniatures game, please click here to submit a game offering.

    Holiday Inn Convention Center is the closest to the museum. Mention National World War II Museum – Heat of Battle Wargame Convention to receive $79.00 room rate.

    Bookmark this webpage
    to learn more about the event as gamemasters and rules sets are chosen, schedules are posted, and special guests and vendors are announced. 


    A new Wizard Kings scenario has been submitted by Eliot Hemingway and posted to the Wizard Kings website.

    Lady Syllith of Limona (Elves) was preparing for war. Though lacking the means to create large permanent garrisons along the entire coast, Syllith could muster an impressive army for a short campaign. Her plan would be direct: cross the narrow sea and capture every Viking port on the coast. Not only would this put an end to the raiding, but this campaign would also add the sizable Elwood Forest to the territories of the Empire. And all that stands in the way are the unsuspecting human tribes of the Elwood and their allies from the plains beyond.

    We will be posting new scenarios separately from the scenario book that is currently online. Later, these scenarios will be incorporated into the longer scenario book.

    Here are some scenario ideas that I encourage someone to develop:

    Wizard Proving Ground: B+ Wizards seek to “graduate” to A+ by inflicting 10(?) hits on enemy blocks using level 1 spells. 2 players (or possibly multiplayer) compete to train several wizards faster than the enemy.

    Heroic Epic: One player’s hero undertakes a quest to find a lost magical artifact and return it to friendly territory. The opposing player controls chaos beasts seeking to stop the hero en-route.

    Minotaur Mayhem: An army of 4 Minotaurs descend from the mountains to raid. Possible solitaire scenario.



    New shipping rates are in effect due to US Postal Service rate increases effective May 14, 2007. Rates were increased no more than absolutely necessary.


    Columbia Games will be supporting several block game events at GenCon 2007. GM Cal Stengel has Wizard Kings, Liberty, and EuroFront 2 events planned. The schedule is below and is also posted on the Convention Calendar page. Retailer Games Plus will have Columbia Games products for sale at their booth in the dealer room.

    Wizard Kings II: up to 24 playersGencon
    Thu. 8am-12pm
    Thu. 8pm-12am
    Fri. 8am-12pm
    Sat. 8am-12pm
    Sat. 8pm-12am
    Sun. 8am-12pm
    Sun. 12pm-4pm

    MasterFront: Up to 6 players
    Fri 10am – Sunday 4pm

    Liberty: Up to 6 players
    Thu. 10am-2pm
    Fri. 10am-2pm
    Sat. 10am-2pm
    Sun. 10am-2pm


    The three games that make up the EuroFront 2 series are now available at a bundle price of $259.99.


    EastFront 2 Rules version 1.02, WestFront 2 Rules version 1.01, and EuroFront Rules version 1.1 have now been posted in PDF format. The corrections to the rules are noted in red text.

    Note: Columbia Games rules are printed on demand and you always receive up to date rules when you buy a game.


    Hammer of the Scots



    Columbia Games has formed a partnership with (face-2-face) who are pleased to present their premier online game, Hammer of the Scots.


    You can play Hammer of the Scots for FREE. All you need to do is to register, download the software, and install it. Read more at:


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