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    Posted on July 31st, 2004 Rob No comments

    Dicey Business
    July 28, 2004

    This edition is the HarnWorld edition.



    Two new Atlas Harnica maps are available to order now. These maps will NOT be sent automatically to HarnQuest subscribers. This means if you want them, please order them directly from our website. Visit:

    Future Atlas Harnica maps will be released with HarnQuest where appropriate – that is not all the maps will be automatically sent but we will endeavour to make it clear what the status of each map is…


    Now's a great time to order (Atlas maps or otherwise). Well pay the shipping – even airmail overseas – through August 2nd.


    Kaldor continues to come along nicely. Release in August is certain, possibly even for Harncon II but no promises : ) Kaldor IS going to be sent to HarnQuest subscribers with a binder unless you opt to skip it. The cost of shipping will again require surface mail for this product. Anyone wishing to pay a little more ($7) to have airmail is encouraged to contact us soon…


    Aug 13-15, 200
    Boise, ID
    Red Lion Hotel
    1800 West Fairview

    GM David Caudill is planning two sessions of a HarnMaster event titled:


    "Bandits…too many…killed them all…help me…." says a bloodied, beaten man as he stumbles towards you. The murder of a commoner leads to a series of twists and turns, ever shying away from the truth. Can you bring the brigands to justice? Can you learn their secret? Can you discover…The Pretender?

    Naturally, Columbia Games is supporting Davids event. It does raise the question of why there are so few active GMs running Harn at game conventions…



    The Kingdom of Kanday module is now available after many years of being sold out. The new release is more thean triple the size of the original Kanday Kingdom article. Note that other Kandian articles are sold separately.

    Among the improvements:

    – Kanday includes a customized binder intended to hold the kingdom article and all other Kanday articles (Dunir, Selvos, etc).

    – Historical maps for the Kingdom of Aleathia, 5 Year War, and Ezars War. These maps are no longer based on the "modern" Harn map but have been redone with the correct settlements and roads of the period.

    – Illustrations of all the major land holding nobles in Kanday by Richard Luschek.

    – Details about local clothing, music, food, markets etc.

    – Detailed description of the Ternu Heath and the forest hundreds in Kanday.

    – Color Heraldry and political map.

    As always Columbia Games guarantees your total satisfaction on anything we publish. A 100% hassle-free refund will be provided if any products are returned.


    Wishlists allow you to let your family and friends know exactly what you are wishing for from the Columbia Games catalog.

    You can add items to your wishlist from any product screen. You will be asked to log-in if you have not already.

    Once there are items in your wishlist, others can view it by entering your e-mail address.


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