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  • GURPS Thaumatology

    Posted on July 3rd, 2008 Highland_Piper No comments

    Written by Phil Masters Edited by Sean Punch

    GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

    272 pages. Hardcover. Suggested retail price $39.95
    Stock number 01-0107 ISBN 978-1-55634-758-0
    In Production

    275 pages. PDF. Price $29.95
    Stock number 31-0107
    Always Available – Click here to buy!

    Feel the Power!

    Fantasy settings are defined by their magic . . . so different worlds need different magic systems. GURPS Thaumatology has GURPS Fourth Edition updates of the best Third Edition magic variants, plus many all-new options. This mighty tome includes:

    • Minor tweaks for the spell-based magic of the Basic Set: restructuring prerequisites and colleges, modifying Magery and mana, new magical energy sources, adapting spells on the fly, and more.
    • Radical revisions of spell-based magic, including detailed versions of the clerical and ritual magic options hinted at in the Basic Set, and the return of that Third Edition classic, "unlimited mana."
    • Traditional alternatives to spells, such as ceremonial, spirit-mediated, and runic magic.
    • World-shaking freeform magic.
    • Magic as inherent powers.
    • An in-depth look at material magic, with new alchemy, herbalism, and enchantment options; rules for free-willed items and magical gadgets; and guidelines for "the stuff of raw magic."
    • Notes on adapting real-world occult concepts – such as the Laws of Magic, astrology, and traditional material components – to any magic system.
    • Guidelines for running magic-oriented games, advice on combining magic systems, and detailed outlines for four distinctly different fantastic campaigns.

    GURPS Thaumatology requires the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. GURPS Magic is recommended but not required. The discussions of different magical styles would enhance any game that features magic.

    The hardback is coming out in September but if you can't wait e23 does have it available in pdf.

    The book provides the GM with new and inventive ways of using Magic in thier games.  I personally will use almost all of the material in this book for my own fantasy campaing.

    Many old hands at GURPS may find this as the fix that GURPS Magic 4e so badly needed.

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