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  • New HeroQuest Game

    Posted on December 11th, 2003 Rob No comments

    HeroQuest is Here!
    Issaries Press Release
    Concord, CA
    August 15, 2003

    HeroQuest is Here!

    Voted "Most Anticipated Roleplaying Game of 2003" on an poll, HeroQuest has finally arrived. Really. We got our copies today, and the book should be showing up in game stores as soon as the distributors can get them there. Surely it is only coincidence that this coincides with the mysterious event that knocked the power systems of much of the eastern seaboard of North America off-line?

    Years in the making, HeroQuest is epic roleplaying amidst the myths and magic of Greg Staffords fantasy world of Glorantha. HeroQuest, Roleplaying in Glorantha is the culmination of 27 years of creation, revision, and difficult questing. Designed by Robin D. Laws and Greg Stafford, HeroQuest contains the same basic rules system as the ground-breaking Hero Wars game, but it has been revised, streamlined, and expanded. While previous Hero Wars supplements are compatible with HeroQuest, the game is better, faster, and stronger than it was before. This 288-page perfect bound book includes everything you need to start adventuring in Glorantha, including three new introductory scenarios and a new heroquest, in which the heroes travel into the land of myth.

    For years, Glorantha has captivated its fans with its rich and exotic cultures, myths, and wonders. In the words of Gloranthas creator, Greg Stafford, "For 27 years I've said it would be out next year. Well, now it is next year! HeroQuest is the system I have always wanted for Glorantha — powerful and flexible enough to cater to every kind of hero, from the hunter trying to feed his family when the death of a god brings magical winter to his land, all the way to the champions of their homelands, duelling with demigods on the glassy bowl of the sky."

    HeroQuest is available for retail sale at fine retail stores everywhere or else direct from Warehouse 23. For distributor sales, contact Ross Jepson of Steve Jackson Games.

    HeroQuest, Roleplaying in Glorantha
    ISS 1001, $39.95
    ISBN 1-929052-12-X
    288 pages, perfectbound

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