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  • WizKids Announces HALO Actionclix

    Posted on June 20th, 2007 Highland_Piper No comments


    WizKids Inc. announced an agreement with Bungie Studios and Microsoft to develop Halo™ ActionClix®, a collectable miniatures game (CMG). The Halo ActionClix CMG brings the Halo universe to the tabletop via the Clix miniatures game engine.

    "Expanding the Halo universe into the Clix CMG is a perfect fit," said Brian Jarrard, director of Franchise and Community Affairs at Bungie Studios. "WizKids' commitment to authentic detail ensures that Halo ActionClix will appeal to collectors and CMG players alike."

    Halo ActionClix will feature more than 80 miniatures from the Halo universe, including preview content from Halo 3. Vehicle Packs will be produced, including a surprise for San Diego Comic-Con.

    "We are proud to be associated with the Halo brand," said Lax Chandra, WizKids® president. "The phenomenal Halo universe provided a springboard for innovation in tabletop miniatures gaming."

    The Halo ActionClix CMG, expected to be released in September 2007, will prerelease figures at San Diego Comic-Con July 26 – 29, and Gen Con Indy August 16 – 19.

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     The website is up and you can see it here at

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