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  • Army building sofrware

    Posted on January 30th, 2005 Highland_Piper No comments

    If there is o­ne thing that I hate about miniature wargaming is all the time I spend creating army lists. It takes far to long in my opinion.

    So I went about looking to see what was around for software

    The Forge:

    Hey its free! Always the best four letter word to hear. The Forge is a pretty good software utility that is well supported. You can find army lists for just about every Games Workshop army and a few others.

    Creating your own army lists is fairly easy and quick to do. I personally am having a problem linking the weapon statistics to my units but I am not very computer literate.

    You can also download The Pocket Forge for your PDA! Although registering the Pocket Forge is $9.99

    Lone Wolf Development:

    Ok, they are the masters! The Army Builder is probably the best software available for creating army lists. I had a room mate with ver. 2 So I used it quite a lot for WH40k 2nd and 3rd ed. The o­nly problem I had is that it is even more confusing to create brand new armies then the Forge. Of course I would like to state again that I am computer stupid.

    One of the features I like about Army Builders is that it tells you when you can not do something. Like if you assigned too many weapons to a squad, or if a certain character model is not allowed to have certain equipment. Army Builder is also visually more attractive and the printed Roster is much more complete then others I have seen.

    Just about every game system is available, I mean popular game systems. You can get your GW, MK, LotR, but nothing for us Historical Wargamers. But if your not computer stupid like me you can always create your own rosters.

    Cost: $39.99 USD

    I'm sure there are others out there, and if there is PLEASE share with us!

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