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  • GURPS Vehicle Builder

    Posted on June 7th, 2007 Highland_Piper No comments

    GURPS Vehicle Builder is the official vehicle-creation program for GURPS.

    From GURPS website GURPS Vehicle Builder is the official vehicle-creation program for GURPS.

    Like the GURPS Character Builder before it, GURPS Vehicle Builder lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out vehicles of all types, from an oxcart to a space station!

    All the system's features are supported, with complete vehicle creation rules from GURPS Vehicles, as well as GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1 and GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2. I just purchased the GURPS Vehicle Builder (GVB), not because I can not figure out how to build vehicles, but because of the amount of vehicles I need to build.

    GVB is for 3e so it needs to be converted to 4e (not a bid deal) but is still faster than using pen and paper (save a tree). Unlike many of the Free and Shareware GURPS Vehicle Designers out there the GVB is easy to use, comes with a 143 page pdf to help you, a wonderful source of knowledge from other users on their forums, and Technical Support! You can also join the Yahoo! Group Gurps_Vehicles for even more help and hints.

    I will warn those that like quick and simple not to expect that. your going to build your vehicle from top to bottom and inside out! Sub-assemblies, Drivetrains, Power source, Fuel Sources, Weapons (if any) sails, Slope of the Armor, its all here!! Best part is once you have a standard template that you like you can save it and use it as a base for your other similar vehicles. An example would be the Ferret combat vehicle which I will be making.

    First thing I do is select TL 6 Wheeled Chassis Template. Looking at the wheel and body I noticed they are those of a standard car so I double click on it and upgrade the body and wheels to something more fitting a combat car. I'm not going into particulars like 4-wheel drive, puncture resistant, etc. I add my fuel tank, armor, weapons all by double clicking. This could not be eaiser! Before you know it your done with the vehicle. You can also export it as a text file or HTML.

    If you play GURPS (no matter what edition you prefer) then I highly suggest the GURPS Vehicle Builder. You can either purchase it as a direct download or on a CD/DVD all for under $20.00


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