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  • NBOS Software The Keep v1.0

    Posted on February 10th, 2009 Highland_Piper No comments

    From NBOS website

    Finally there’s a personal information manager designed specifically for gamers… The Keep v1.0 from NBOS Software. Use The Keep to organize and track all your gaming information. Use it for your campaign notes, campaign logs, maps, handouts,… all the information you need to track for a successful campaign!

    The Keep is the perfect tool for Game Masters and Players alike! Quickly access and organize your campaign information – scenarios, creatures, maps, treasure, and more. Players can use it to keep track of all their characters, notes, henchmen, magic items, spells, and strongholds. Have more than one campaign? Not a problem! Use The Keep to organize any number of campaigns.

    Key Features:

    • Organize your campaign information into intuitive folders
    • Track notes, maps, images, character sheets, handouts, and PDFs
    • Integrated word processor with spell checker
    • Fractal Mapper integration
    • Built-in Dice Roller
    • Inspiration Pad Pro integration for random names and encounters
    • Print a single document from your notes, maps, images, and character sheets
    • Game-system independent
    • Can be run from a USB Flash Drive, or other portable drive

    Purchase from e23 ,, or from Your Games Now

    From Highland Piper

    I not only own The Keep v1.0 but I was also a beta tester.  I have been using this software for some time and I can tell you it has fit the bill for me.  I have personally tried four other commercial “Campaign Managers” and they where either hopelessly over complicated or to system orientated to be of any real use.

    I enjoy how easy it is to add new entries, link pdf’s and images, adding web page links and best of all you can print off your information for when your away from your computer.  It also includes a feature to import character sheets designed with the FREE NBOS Character Sheet DesignerInspiration Pad Pro is also available for free if you need that quick generator to spice things up and fits seemlessly within The Keep!  This program, in my opinion,  gives you all your information at your disposal.

    Also you can share your campaigns with friends that also own The Keep!  What a great way to share adventure ideas!

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