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  • Wargames Journal: now a downloadable pdf

    Posted on February 8th, 2006 Rob No comments

    The well known internet wargames e-magazine "Wargames Journal" looks to be taking a new direction. Instead of being a website where you go to different web pages to see different articles, they now seem set to produce the e-magazine as a downloadable e-mag in the same vein as "Fictional Reality".

    The first issue, weighing in at almost 10Mb is absolutely superb, 109 pages of great scenarios, articles and reports. Well worth downloading since it covers all facets of the gaming hobby.

    From the website:

    "The new-look Wargames Journal will continue to be a free monthly wargames magazine crammed to bursting point with scenarios, features, interviews and photographs from the length and breadth of this fantastic hobby.

    Advertising is something we have made easier with this new format. Being an A4 document Wargames suppliers can now use their existing adverts inside the magazine, but at a far more cost effective price. We're not constrained as a print magazine is; so we'll never sacrifice articles for adverts because we just don't have to.

    So what does this mean for our readers? Well, you'll get regular high quality PDFs just like the o­ne you can link to from this page. Articles will still appear o­nline, but in this new format we can make them bigger, easier to read and better looking.

    The size of the PDFs will vary, but we aim to keep them as small as possible, hopefully no larger than 8-10 Mbytes. But as these days most people have broadband, downloading a 10 Mbyte PDF o­nce a month is not that painful.

    This first issue is a test magazine, a beta version if you will. As such, some of the articles featured are from the original website, but revamped for the new magazine. As we roll out new articles so all of our old content will be updated to the new design.

    We have some great stuff planned for our upcoming issues, the next of which will hit the web site o­n December 20th – our Christmas present to you. Wargames Journal was started by wargames' enthusiasts for wargames' enthusiasts and hopefully we have again raised the bar for what an o­nline publication can be.

    I'm very proud of the new WJ and would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the years to get it to this stage.

    Happy reading and please feel free to let me know what you think of WJ.

    Tom Hinshelwood

    You can find "Wargames Journal" at: link

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