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  • Midnight Chronicles DVD (D&D)

    Posted on October 23rd, 2009 Rob No comments

    It Has Been a Hundred Years Since the Shadow Fell

    In the world of Midnight, evil rules, and the last brave heroes struggle against overwhelming odds. A century ago, the free peoples of Eredane fought the final battles in a des¬perate war of survival against the Shadow, the dark god Izrador…and lost. The lands of men were crushed by Izrador’s armies, or succumbed to his insidious corruption. The shat¬tered remnants of the once-great elves and dwarves retreated to the hearts of their homelands to vainly resist their inevita¬ble defeats. Many of the gentler races were simply enslaved or reduced to hopeless refugees….

    Midnight Chronicles , the first full-length feature film from Fantasy Flight Games, tells the epic narrative of two legendary characters, one for the cause of good, the other for the cause of evil. Available now on DVD, this story chronicles their rise and struggle as their destinies become intertwined with that of the world and the dark god that occupies it.

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    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Article (Midnight Chronicles DVD).


    Personally,  I couldn’t get the trailers to play. Probably just a temporary glitch, I’ll try it again later.