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  • Maps in Minutes

    Posted on July 15th, 2004 Highland_Piper No comments

    Maps in Minutes you say?

    Well yes I did. Nothing has improved my RPG expereince since getting the Campaign Cartographer series of software. Profantasy Software Ltd made it even easier when they came out with Fractal Terrains.

    What used to take weeks to build now takes moments. I have made a few example maps to show just how wonderful the product is!

    I first started with Fractal Terrains and created a full world map. The circumference of the world is 25,000 miles, highest and lowest peaks are +/- 30,000 feet, and is 70% sea

    You can also change the projection of your world

    So now we have a pretty good sized world. Although I did nothing with the ability (as this is just to show everyone how quickly you can make maps and worlds) you can veiw/change the temperatures, rain fall, raise and lower land, etc. if you wanted. Now I exported the whole world map into CC2. You can export it as defined or sloppy as you want. I went in the middle.

    Now that we have a world map I think it is time to focus o­n a section of land to detail. I used Fractal Terrains and zoomed in o­n a specific area.

    And then I exported it in different ways into CC2. The best part of FT (Fractual Terrains) is that you can keep using it to zoom in o­n specific areas then export it into CC2. This way you do not loose detail and the maps all stay in scale.

    Now I added Contours to this map. Some of the other maps I did not. You can also export it in black and whit, or greyscale if your worried about using up you colored ink.

    From here o­n it is just detailing it with towns and terrain features. First you need to know how your going to do it. Do you want a mordern mapping symbols with black dots as city indcators or drawn out little towns?

    As you can see I left out the contour lines. I o­nly quickly did this o­ne. I wanted to show more detailed of some former maps but the disk is scratched and my computer does not want to read it.

    Now if I wanted to spend some time o­n the map I could really make it look wonderful! I could add links to the maps to open up word files or links to other maps! If you have a laptop think of the possibilities during gaming!

    Ill submitt more articles o­n cities, dungeons, detailing maps etc. but for now check out the map library at Profantasy Software Ltd.

    Also check out the CC2 photo album here at Dungeon Crawlers!

    It took me longer to write this article than it did to make all these maps.


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