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  • The Cartographer’s Annual 2009 March edition

    Posted on March 25th, 2009 Highland_Piper No comments

    Written by: Highland_Piper

    From Profantasy

    The March issue contains a detailed multi-deck plan of a sailing ship plus drawing tools and templates to draw your own. Fine-tuned sheet effects make the deckplan come alive and create maps useable both for reference and as a battlemat.

    CC3 March Annual

    The map pack Sailing Ship includes

    • 4 detailed deckplans and a sideview of the ship (png and pdf exports included)
    • 1 3-page pdf Sheet and Effects Guide
    • 1 5-page pdf Ship Description
    • 1 new template wizard
    • 1 new template
    • 73 new drawing tools
    • 1 new symbol catalog containing 7 new symbols
    • 8 new bitmap fill styles
    • 2 new effect settings
  • Campaign Cartographer 3

    Posted on February 14th, 2008 Highland_Piper No comments

    Over ten years ago I drooled over a flyer I got at GenCon.  It was for some software called Campaign Cartographer 2.  Well being the kind of guy I am I bought it. I bought all of it, the Dungeon Designer, the City Designer.  Then they came out with CC2 Pro.  WOW it had gotten better!  So I upgraded all the software to the new CC2 Pro versions.  I used that for years, in fact I was still using CC2 Pro last week.  That is until I purchased CC3 from Dungeon Crawlers.

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  • UCW (User Created World)

    Posted on October 15th, 2005 Highland_Piper No comments

    That’s right, user created world!

    Go here to vote o­n what you would like for a Generic RPG/Wargaming world. After enough submissions we will take the most selected and create the world you voted o­n and make the maps!We will start with the over all world then move to nations cities, dungeons. All generic to be used for any setting. Fantasy, Sci-fi, super hero, you name it and its yours.
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  • Maps in Minutes

    Posted on July 15th, 2004 Highland_Piper No comments

    Maps in Minutes you say?

    Well yes I did. Nothing has improved my RPG expereince since getting the Campaign Cartographer series of software. Profantasy Software Ltd made it even easier when they came out with Fractal Terrains.

    What used to take weeks to build now takes moments. I have made a few example maps to show just how wonderful the product is!

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